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Willie Viljoen at Cape Marriages

Willie Viljoen at Cape Marriages


Willie Viljoen, a registered Marriage Officer based in Cape Town, South Africa, officiates marriages for South African and International couples at any location in the Western Cape.

With over 39 years of experience in hosting beautiful wedding ceremonies, Willie offers a special, memorable service no matter your belief system, culture, or personal style. His unique approach has earned him the title ‘Marriage Officer of Choice’ as well as multiple accolades which includes “Best Marriage Officer 2022”

For a wedding ceremony filled with warmth, love and joy, Willie Viljoen will guide you to plan your ‘wedding show’ – a celebration to enjoy and a memory to last a lifetime.

Choose from a religious, semi-religious or nonreligious wedding ceremony and Willie will bring flair to your special day, both in a formal or informal setting.

Whether it is a very intimate occasion, or hundreds of guests, we tailor-make your wedding ceremony to suit your style and personal preference.

Willie will ensure that your wedding is the most special, fun and memorable day of your life!

The Process

Willie usually meets twice with the couple prior to the wedding to discuss some detail for the ceremony.

The first consultation with you via ZOOM or in person if you are available in Cape Town, to explain the
legal process, documentation as required by Home affairs, and discuss various options for your ceremony.

(Keep in mind, apart from the Legal part of the ceremony, the rest is your show and you are welcome to include whatever you like in order to make it special for yourself and to entertain your guests.)

A second consultation with the couple a few days before the wedding in person to finalise every detail of your wedding show and a confirmation of all your legal documentation requirements.

A personally tailored, beautiful wedding ceremony of approximately 30-minutes, that focuses on all the important aspects of love and respect in marriage, presented in a loving and comfortable atmosphere.

Registration of your marriage with the South African Department of Home Affairs and Immigration.

An affordable Professional Service


How To Choose Your Marriage Officiant

How To Choose Your Marriage Officiant

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