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Augusta Kiesewetter

Married on May 2, 2019 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


It was a crisp autumn morning, on a beautiful wine estate surrounded by majestic mountains. Waking early, I jump out of bed, slide open the curtains and see the beautiful morning light touching the oak tree leaves as they fall to the ground.
It all felt so peaceful, almost magical. In that moment I realised that this, as beautiful as it all was, is only but the smallest detail of our most beautiful day.

The hours had flown by and before I knew it, I found myself in front of my dream gown just staring at it's unique beauty. This is it, I thought to myself. The moment I've been waiting for has finally arrived.

Almost in a rush, not to be late, I am slipping on my shoes, spritzing perfume and glancing in the mirror, just one last time.
I am a bride, ready to meet her groom.

Counting my footsteps one two three four, one two three four, as I walk over the old wooden floors of the Manor house.
I felt the weight of my gown as my hips swung side to side. Gripping by bouquet a little tighter, my eyes teared up and my breathing became louder. The feeling of being a bride in love was overwhelming.
Pulling on the heavy front door of the house, made my knees feel just a little more weak, but there I was, stepping out into the breezy fresh outdoors... Seeing my groom, waiting patiently for his bride.

Walking towards him everything around me disappears, I hear the flowing waterfall as I walk past it, and my mothers voice in my head saying "Walk slowly my child." I began counting my footsteps again.

Breathing deeply, I am now standing behind the man of my dreams, ready for him to see me for the fist time as a bride.
He turn around, and a moment of silence came over the estate. It is just us two, in this moment, and from this moment on.
Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as we embrace in a loving hug, he took my hand and with just one look we knew, this was our forever moment.

With wind blowing through my hair we make our way down the estate paths, through the drying winter vineyards to say our "I do's." The ceremony was more beautiful than we could ever imagine, the wind had brought along the most magical art in the sky. Dark stormy clouds gathered above us, and drops of soft rain touched the earth, as though our angels in heaven where right there with us.

The sounds of a soft saxophone playing as we exchange rings. I look up to my groom, eyes so blue, I see a beautiful soul with the purest heart. The promises we had just made are only words, but his look is more than a promise...
It is a feeling, raw, honest and true. the feeling of mending two hearts, two lives and two souls. That will now become and forever be as one.

K&A Elopement 02.05.2019
- Written by the bride

The Honeymoon


For our honeymoon, we decided to stay on and explore the beauty, and rich culture the mother city has to offer.
We stayed in the cutest little apartment on the 6th floor of a beautiful old building on Spin street, right in the centre of breathtaking views and sounds of the city. As a newlywed couple we tried to experience and see all that we could within 10 days, and still we were sad to leave what is an amazing city, with so much to offer. The highlight of our Honeymoon was visiting the V & A Waterfront, and taking an early morning stroll on Signal Hill.

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My Special Day

I knew I wanted to be myself on my wedding day, keeping my hair, makeup and accessories simple, with just a little touch of something special. And, seeing my gown was black, I felt that alone was enough of a statement.

One of my best friends had helped me with curling and styling my hair, and I did my makeup myself.

Gown - @AmazingDesigns (Petrus Laubsher)
Hair @BolandWeddings Andeline Wieland
Shoes @AldoShoes
Earrings @UNTOLD Andeline Wieland

Cake @Sugarstudio Cape Town
Flowers @KADOU

Photos @DebbieLourens
Video @BolandWeddings

Sugar Studio

Sugar Studio

Two Creative Blondes with the same passion to create showstopping cakes.

The Venue

We Eloped on the beautiful MolenVliet Vineyard Estate in Stellenbosch.

Marriage Officer

Willie Viljoen at Cape Marriages

Willie Viljoen at Cape Marriages

Let your precious moments last a life time!

Wedding Services Used

Sugar Studio

Sugar Studio

Two Creative Blondes with the same passion to create showstopping cakes.

Willie Viljoen at Cape Marriages

Willie Viljoen at Cape Marriages

Let your precious moments last a life time!