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Duck Soup Productions

We are different, not because we have the best gear or the longest lenses…We are different because YOUR STORY is different. Your wedding day is the start of your life story together and we are there to capture the first moments, and when it is the most important moment of your life you don’t care about a flying camera or a contraption than runs on wheels.

You want that moment to last a life-time because in few months your gran that hand-stitched your wedding dress might be gone. Maybe you need to remember how your dad squeezed your hand, or you need to re live the moment she walked down the aisle and your world completely stopped.

So forget about a production company that runs like a McDonalds Drive thru, and rather join us as we tell YOUR story (with flying cameras and fancy lenses, because we have that as well) but what will matter to us above all is to capture YOUR MOMENTS

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