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Mariaan Botha

Married on Nov 18, 2017 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


The morning when I woke up my mother made me the healthiest breakfast. She said: "You have to eat something light so you dont bloat in your wedding dress", I just looked at her and laughed because she knows me all to well! My sister, mom and I drove to the venue the early morning and all of us sang songs with some playlist my sister had on her cellphone. We had a mini "Girls Morning".

The previous day I bought perfume and protein bars for my husband to be and asked my sister to send the gift with a message saying, "I love you and I cant wait to be your wife". She went to him and said: " Firstly I have a message from Mariaan, she says that she loves you very much and she cant wait t be you wife, secondly We as a family has a message for you and that is, Welcome to our family, we will take care of you!" She said that tears was streaming down his face and he replied thank you.
That was one of the first moment i will never forget!

All of us got dressed and our hair was done and some photos was taken. By this time my father haven't seen me, he just looked through the window. Later he asked that everyone should leave the room and he prays for me and my sister. My make-up almost didn't make it! It was a beautiful moment because I saw The raw Love my father had for me and my sister!

I will never forget the moment when I walked down the isle, I couldnt' keep my eyes off of Zach... I just saw hes eyes full of water! He couldn't believe how I looked, He looked so pure and happy. I couldn't stop smiling! We also decided to say our vows. I decided not to write vows and practice it for that moment because I wanted to express the feeling I have on that moment. Afterwards he told me that he also didn't write any vows but also to express his love in the moment.The moment we were one in front of God was one of the biggest moment... We are very religious and that was the most important part for us.

He surprised me with a rose gold ring...I didn't expect anything because I said my ring that I have is more than enough. I also surprised him with a custom made olive wood ring.

The family made everything so cheerful and they couldn't stop telling us how beautiful we look!. I enjoyed all the speeches especially my best friend speech!
Then came the dance... It was just magical
Then came the father daughter dance... well we dind't practice this dance and well my father can dance pretty good!

I decided to give my flowers to my mother and just throw a flower or to for the single ladies, my mother loved the flowers so much! I even made her a bouquet of flowers out of paper so she can have it till eternity.

I loved the moments when all of us had a great time and a great social! They loved the food and Aroma ice-cream that was served.

The Honeymoon


We enjoyed a lovely road trip trough South Africa! After the wedding night we slept at De La Mas( wedding venue) and woke up the morning as newlyweds. We had a lovely breakfast with the family and went home to pack the last of or clothes for the honeymoon. We left home about 2 o'clock. We drove and drove and made a lot of pitstops at the garages getting some snacks because we just love food. We drove till midnight and finally reached Beaufort West. Slept over and drove further until we reached our final destinations, Yzerfontein. Beautiful white sands and blue water. Our house was white as snow! Everything looked picture perfect! After a resting 7 days we decided we wanted to travel more. We just drove and slept at places that we thought was nice. We went to Blouberg strand, Brackenfell, climbed Leeukop and then traveled to Plettenberg Bay. After 7 days, we traveled to Uvongo near Margate and spent 4 days there. After that we were lucky enough to experience Bloedrivier at Dundee on 16 December. Everything was just amazing! We truly experienced our country till the fullest!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look ws a clean white elegance look. I wanted to look pure. My dress was the most beautiful! it was coverd with lace and my back was very low. The lace covered most of my body and the dress fit me like a glove. The bottom was in-cut lace and my vale was medium length. Thanks to Leonard Validus in Pothefstroom for my dream dress. My make-up was done by Follicle on the move. I personally like dark shades around my eyes because my eyes is big. I had a elegant look with a bit of a smokey eye! I decided to make make my hair also a clean look. The stylist made a messy bun at the bottom of my hair line with everything tied back making sure my face was open and to see the back of my dress. My parents bought me a beautiful set of jewellery, it was pearls, my favourite, covered with rose gold. My shoes was bought at Forever New and i decided to wear Rose gold glitter shoes. My lingerie was light pink lace. I also had DKNY as perfume

The Venue

We got married at De La Mas Venue. The venue openend in Feburary 2017 and when we went for the viewing, there was nothing but trees! We believed in the venue and the picture they created for us. In November the venue looked absolutely amazing! White washed brick walls and a spacious reception. The ceremony area is in the woods and the sun was perfectly covered by the high big trees. The Best man slept over that night in the mancave

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Luckily for us, we did a fitness competition in September. We looked pretty good and we love healthy foods. We didn't have a strict diet for our wedding because we are who we are. Normally we live a healthy lifestyle and always and exercised daily because we are fitness freaks! At the time, I didn't have much time to gym because I was busy with final exams of my 3rd year in Psychology at Tuks. My skin is always important for me and I used to scrum 1-3 times a week, making sure there is no in-grow hair and making sure my facial skin was clean and looking flawless. I didn't use very expensive products because I believe you can take care of your skin with the most natural products. I used baby cream from Mustella and washed my face 2 times a day with Avon's blackhead face scrub. My face cleared up like a baby's bum! Both of us went for Tancan at Tammy Tailor just to get golden brown. Looking beautiful is a daily process, you shouldn't just diet and take care of your skin when you are getting married, you should feel beautiful everyday for you and your husband!

Wedding Elements

The look I wanted to have is a clean white look. I decided to make paper flowers so it could bring some colour in the venue. I wanted a lot of greenery on the tables and at the chapel. I Didn't have too much real flowers to cut a bit back on the budget. The main colours was navy, grey, blush pink an rose gold. The tables was made up of: Centrepiece was a rose gold prism flower holder with flowers inside it. On both sides of the centrepiece there was a wooden board that we made our selves and also stained. The greenery was placed around the wooden board so it looked like greenery is growing out underneath the board. The purpose of this board was to place the main food platters on top of it. We decided that we didn't want a buffet dinner, we wanted people to experience food like we do so we made like a Mexican platter with wings, ribs, watermelon salad and veggie skewers. The table was rounded off with some detail rose gold chandeliers and candle holders. We decided that we don't want normal under plates, we arranged with the caterer flat wooden planks as a plate with some rose gold cutlery and blush pink serviettes . Each guest also received a custom made thank you milky bar chocolate
We decided to spray paint hoola-hoops and cover it with greenery to hang from the roof. We wanted that copper look and we decided to do the hoola-hoops our selfs. Outside the venue we arranged for wooden structures where the starters and dessert will be served. It was covered with big light bulbs. When it was dark, the people loved the atmosphere of the lightening and food stations etc.
The dance floor was in the middle of the reception hall and was finished with a vinyl sticker.
There wasn't specific flowers used because I requested that it must be random flowers with specific flower colours.
The table was a big wooden table with white tiffany chairs . There was also fairy lights hanging from the roof.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen wore skinny chino trousers with withe shirts and brown shoes. Both of them had a custom made lazercut broach expressing their personality. The groom bought a navy-blue suit at C Squared in Menlyn along with a matching navy waistcoat and shirt. All of te men wore wooden watches and also a hand made Nguni bowtie made by the groom from scratch. The groom also wore brown shoes with a brown polo belt

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Each bridesmaid wore their own styled dress. They were given the option to make their own dress and just stick with the colours of blush pink and navy. The designers made the design themselves. Both of them had long flowy dresses, one navy with lace flowers and the other blush pink with some pink lace. They both wore flat shoes. The jewellery they received as gifts suited each as they wanted, rose gold and blush pink. My one brides maid wore a flower crown. Their hre was done one one side of their shoulder as well

Marriage Officer

Johan Serfontein at A.G.S Waterkloof

My Captured Moments

Leandrie Fotografie took the photos and Duck Soup Productions was the videographer.They made everything very relaxed and special. They are excellent in their work! Still waiting for some final pictures!

Duck Soup Productions

Duck Soup Productions

We are different because YOUR STORY is different.

The Wedding Planner

No, I did most of it myself, my husband helped me where he could.

Wedding Transport

I didnt have any transport because the bridal suite was very close to the ceremony area so we all walked down to the ceremony!

Food & Cake

Pan and Knife did our food and cake. It was a naked cake with M&M's in the middle. It was AMAZING! We got great compliments from all our guests. We served nachos as starters outside and as a main we served a Mexican platter. Aroma did our dessert and we chose 4 flavours of ice-cream. NUMMMMM!!!

Wedding Stationery

Pistachio designs and Fraaimeraai

The Reception and Entertainment

We did take dace lessons at hatfield. We only went for one lesson because we wanted to keep the dance spontane. We wanted to dance in the moment at the wedding so it would be more special. Our DJ was Christo Snyman, we got him as a wedding gist from the grooms mother

Wedding Services Used

Duck Soup Productions

Duck Soup Productions

We are different because YOUR STORY is different.