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Tie The Knot Cape Town, Overberg & Beyond

Tie The Knot Cape Town, Overberg & Beyond


Some events are legendary.  You’ll always think of the Soccer World Cup event of 2010 when you hear a vuvuzela, right?  2020 will forever be the year the world went on sabbatical and put on masks.  But what about the significant dates in YOUR life.  Like the day you fell in love, or the day you get married?  Aren’t those more important to you? 

Tie the Knot Cape Town, Overberg & Beyond thinks that your wedding day should be the single most spectacular day of your life up to that very moment. 

We’d like to help you make Your wedding Day, happen, Your Way.

Whatever your Gender, Gender Orientation, Religion or not, Culture, Tradition or Race, Nationalities, for us, it is ALWAYS about love.

Ah – so what is it that we do exactly?  Are we going to do your hair, or source your wedding outfits?  Are we going to do the catering?  Or the flowers?  Or maybe find you a venue? 

We’re really not – we’re going to do the single most important thing, that captures your love, captures your commitment to one another, and sets the tone for the rest of your marriage.  We’re your officiants.

Tie the Knot Cape Town has a whole different approach to getting you hitched – we like to spend time with you, to get to know the both of you.  We get to know the story of you, the tale of your falling in love, of how you see one another, of how your love has grown and how your future is dreamed up.

And then we set out to create a bespoke ceremony, for the two of you, that not only takes a snapshot of the happy days behind you, it is a trailer for the new release of your marriage. 

A unique wedding celebration isn’t listed on Netflix, where you can get the same series as someone else, on demand.  There are no sample ceremonies, or sample vows for you to work from.
Nobody has ever loved like you do.  Nobody has ever had the same funny stories as you do.  Nobody has ever woken up next to the two of you, and felt the way that you do.
So it stands to reason that your celebration must be unique, and must honour your love, and your take on life.
We walk the journey with you, for long enough to really understand you, to grasp what makes you tick, and to portray those truths and that beauty, on your day.

How do we start?

It’s really easy!

Connect with Symi & Ava via this form.
When you do, Ava is going to respond to you asking you for relevant information to create a quote for you.
We always do things with transparency.
Then, we’re scheduling a free Video Chat session with you, where we shoot the breeze, listen to your questions about your wedding day, the legalities that are relevant for your specific situation, and we tell you a little bit about how we create your bespoke wedding celebration.

Only after this conversation, and after all your questions have been answered, do you take a day or so to discuss your experience and expectations with each other, and decide if you want to get Tie the Knot Cape Town to marry you.

And then?

Then the journey together starts.

We can’t wait to meet the two of you, whether you decide to let us marry you, or not.

Let’s see if Tie the Knot Cape Town is available for your ceremony!

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