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Wed in Lockdown

Covid-19 has changed the world. What hasn’t changed, is that people fall in love, they start a family, they move in together, they settle down together. Love is forever, the pandemic itself is temporary. Tie The Knot Cape Town shares everything you need to know about your wedding during the pandemic.


Are people still getting married?

There is a definite uptrend in the number of people who want to get married “this month” or “this weekend”. These are usually elopements, or maybe just close family or friends at home, in the backyard, with a home-made platform and arch. Under Lockdown Level 3 (v3.0), is that we are now officially allowed to get married, with guests. The current limitations are that if your venue allows, with social distancing, for up to 50 people inside, you are within the limits. If your venue allows, with social distancing, for up to 100 people outdoors, you are considered compliant.

We’re booked already: Do we cancel our wedding, or do we postpone?

Venues are closing down, international travel is a mess – mustn’t we just leave it for now? How do you still get the most out of your wedding? It’s easy! You simply remember why you’re getting married in the first place! You chose one another, and no amount of rescheduling will change your love.

Chat about what is important to you, what is significant to you both, and you may be surprised by how flexible you can be in accommodating change once you’ve got clarity. Remember to keep your whole team in the loop with focus shifts and re-scheduling. What’s quite cool about postponing rather than cancelling, is that you both are honouring the commitment to one another to have Your day, Your way.

Department of Home Affairs, Level 3 Lockdown and getting married?

Right now, no officiant is allowed to submit registration documentation to the Department for capture into the population register. Remember that the data capture part of the registration doesn’t impact the legal part of the marriage at all. While we all wait for the imbalance to be rectified, your hand-written Registration Certificate will suffice as proof of your marriage. Your marriage is legal, and real.

So – how do we go about creating a Micro Wedding?

You have a couple of options open to you, depending on your health, the health of your guests, and your budget right now. You can have just yourselves, your officiant, photographer and witnesses, somewhere on a beach or in a forest, or you could ask your booked venue how many attendees they can accommodate on the day and plan accordingly.

People who are not in great health, or people who are resistant or unable to travel great distance, may be best served with a Zoom session broadcasting and recording your special day. This is quite the thing right now! Many of your service providers, especially Officiants, will be open to doing a small celebration right now, and then doing your big celebration at a later date. Why? Well – think of it this way. If you do the documentation now, it allows you to process legal paperwork and resolve things like bond applications, property ownership, your last will and testament, medical aid membership and the like. If you have a small celebration with the people closest to you, you have the joy of this moment in a difficult time. Revelling in Love and the thought of Happiness Forever, is exactly what we need now!


Tie The Knot Cape Town, Overberg & Beyond

Tie The Knot Cape Town, Overberg & Beyond

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