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Bernike Pienaar

Married on Jun 26, 2021 in Western Cape

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Magical Moments


We were one of the lucky/unlucky couples that had to plan not 1, but 2 weddings due to covid.

Everything that possibly could have gone wrong 2 weeks prior to the wedding happened. Our Minister cancelled due to illness, the hair and make up cancelled due to illness, my husband and mom contracted covid 2 weeks prior to the date and to top it all off we were in the midst of the third wave.

So just having the wedding was a real highlight for both of us. The Friday we got to the venue it was pouring rain and windy. The weather was miserable to say the least and any brides worst nightmare. But on Saturday as I woke up the rain was gone. And the sun was beaming through the clouds for us. Just perfect.

Another highlight for me was having my mom there as we didn’t know whether or not she will be able to attend due to her quarantine period but luckily it ended the Friday a day before the wedding. So we had to change her travel arrangement and wasn’t sure if she would have the energy to do so but she showed some real perseverance and pushed through.

And of course having my husband there as his quarantine period ended the Thursday before the wedding.

Walking into the church seeing my husbands reaction was priceless. Will cherish that moment forever.

Another memorable moment was just having all our loved ones there celebrating the day with us.

The Honeymoon


Yes we did. We went to the West Coast but due to the weather we returned home early.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

When I first started looking for dresses I just knew I wanted something different.
I didn’t want the traditional white wedding dress. I have always been a lace girl. So was scrolling through google and found a dress I liked. Now to find someone who would be willing to bring this picture to life.

I met with Olga and showed her what I liked and she literally made my dream dress a reality. She made me feel so special and designed it perfectly with everything I wanted.

For those who know me well. Know I am an extremely plain person. I wanted an all natural hair and make up look.
I have curly hair and wanted my own curl as I have learned from the past, my hair is really easy and naturally it curls beautiful.

I didn’t want to much make up as I have been blessed with a really beautiful skin tone and wanted my skin to be able to “breath” on my wedding day.

With my make up artist canceling 2 weeks prior due to unforeseen illness, my sister in law, Hannari saved the day by phoning Danielle Jacobs 2 days before the wedding and I was so lucky that she was available to do my hair and make up. She knew exactly what I wanted without any hesitation or trials, as we had no time for it. She was really amazing.

For shoes for the wedding, I chose comfort as we all know being a bride is rough on your feet. I bought grey pumps from Woolworths to compliment my dress.

As for my jewelry I went for something borrowed from my grandmother, her pearl earrings. As she couldn’t attend due to health concerns it was very special to be able to have her there in spirit.

The Venue

We got married at Murasie.

There are camping facility available as well as chalets/houses. We had a few campers but due to the weather, Leana the owner of Murasie assisted them to get accomodation nearby.



The Land Of Milk And Honey

The Venue

We got married at Murasie.

There are camping facility available as well as chalets/houses. We had a few campers but due to the weather, Leana the owner of Murasie assisted them to get accomodation nearby.



The Land Of Milk And Honey

Wedding Elements

I wanted a rustic look for the wedding. Wooden tables with crystal chairs accompanied by fairy lights in the roof of our wedding venue. We also had candles on each and every table.

On the tables we had proteas and pennygum with small tea light candles in between.

We hired a G&T trolley for the guest to enjoy while we were doing our couple shoot.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a suit hired from Smartmen Suit Hire.

The groom wanted the groomsmen to wear navy chinos, white formal shirt, suspenders and a bow tie.
We bought the navy chinos from Woolworths. And bought the suspenders and bow ties from China Town.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I looked for bridesmaids dresses everywhere but couldn’t find anything I liked.

I came across Marcelle.

I found a picture on Google and sent it to her and she made the dresses come to life. She made all the dresses from scratch. She was really amazing as well.

My Captured Moments

When we got engaged, Leon (my husband) said he wants no one else but Nicci to capture our special moments. When we received the pictures she captured special moments we have forgotten about. She was really amazing. I can’t thank her enough.

The Wedding Planner

With the wedding venue we received a planner with for the day, Belindie. She was such a great help right through the day

Food & Cake

Alida Groenewald made our food.

As we are Afrikaans the guest expected “boere kos”.

Alida exceeded all of our expectations. The food was amazing.

It has been 3 months since we got married and the guests are still talking about how delicious her food was and numerous guests/brides asked for her number.

We didn’t want a traditional wedding cake so we opted for a Biltong wedding cake. It was a 2 layer cake with droë wors and biltong. Needless to say the cake was finished in 10min.
Carin Flowers and Decor did the cake for us.

The Reception and Entertainment

Leon Carstens from Dual Sound was recommended to us by the wedding venue.

Wedding Services Used



The Land Of Milk And Honey