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Maronel Louw

Married on Dec 14, 2018 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Every moment leading up to our wedding was an unbelievable experience. The night before our big day the girls and I slept over at Bakenhof in their Get Ready Suite. Sitting in the Jacuzzi and taking in the last moment of being Miss vd Westhuizen was special.

The morning of the big day my bridesmaids woke me up with "Going to the chapel " song by the Dixie Cups and a letter that brought all the happy tears out. In the Pamper Parlor my hair was washed and i was weighed hand and foot. They truly made it special for me. Our make-up started and it was one big laughter festival in that room. Spending the last few hours before walking down the aisle with my girls and my best friend, my mother, was a moment my heart will not forget.

The first time my father saw me was a moment only the camera could explain. I am a real daddy's girl and so being blessed to have my dad at my wedding just made it all the better. My mom helped me get dressed and soon the butterflies started to arrive in my stomach. It felt like a movie, getting in the car, driving to the chapel, seeing the guests inside and knowing my fiance is standing in front waiting for me. It was a very windy day but luckily the sun and the amazing view made up for it.

Walking into the chapel was an unreal feeling. The dream you were planning for 18 months is here, and its much more. Who knew a reality could be better than a dream.The pastor really gave a sermon that was so easily understandable and true. It was light, funny and made people feel at ease. After the sermon we went to sign the marriage license. My dad gave me a forehead kiss before he signed as a witness. Like a lasting 'I will always be there for you.'

And then we stepped out as Mr and Mrs Louw and the flower petals came pouring down. We took some family photo's, they will also be so special. My husbands gran passed away and its the last family photo we will have together. The guests were enjoying themselves to much with the music and the yummy yummy food. That is one thing my guests keep mentioning to me, that our food was more than amazing. The guests also had a photobooth to entertain them, we have lasting memories of our silly guests.

We had so much fun taking photo's with our bridesmaids and groomsmen. It really was more a party the vines than anything else. The wind was howling but luckily it helped with the dramatic effect of my dress. My husband was so patient with the photos, he really does not like it all that much but he was a really charmer for the camera. Must say he looked absolutely stunning! The couples photos were really important to us as I love photo's. In our house there is a photo of every big event.

Walking in to the reception was a blast! We started with cutting the cake, naturally my husband would try to stuff my face with it. It was a beautiful cake, and it tasted great! The speeches started and so did the party. One highlight in particular was the dad and daughter dance. We started off slow and then raised the roof. It was so special to share that memory with my dad and i hope our daughter can to the same with my husband.

There were so many highlights, its hard to pick just a few. My wedding was a blessed dream come true, a fairy tale and something to tell the children about.

The Honeymoon


We went on a mini honeymoon. Our little place of heaven is Yzerfontein. We went there for a week and just enjoyed each other. Our honeymoon will take place in 2019, but I do not know where we are going. So excited!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted a classic elegant look, I had the best make up artist. My hair and make-up was a classic natural lookwith brown and gold tones. I had an up style with a hair clip from Lovisa. My earrings were bought with my dress at Cindy Bam.

Earrings: Cindy Bam
Garter: Cindy Bam
Hair clip: Lovisa
Hair and Makr up : Clarita Smit MUA
Lingerie: Spanx wedding lace edition

The Venue

We got married in the beautiful Bakenhof chapel. We slept there the night before and the night of the wedding. It is an amazing venue with a big, elegant reception hall with the most amazing view.

Bakenhof Winelands Venue

Bakenhof Winelands Venue

Crowned as one of the “Top 10 Wedding Venues in the Winelands”, this glamorous glass venue offers unbeatable value and magnificent views

My Bridal Beauty Regime

For health and fitness i started doing trampoline classes everyday for 45 minutes. It helps with maintaining weight and toning. I do it at Fitstrong gym with Rebound Fitness. Trampoline exercise is just like jogging, just 3x more effective and intense. I love it so much that i am still doing it today.

I also did tancan twice a week from October 2018. The service i used was Durbanville TanCan. It is very convenient. You can book your sessions online and fetch the key at reception. Because i have a very sensitive skin i apply cream every night as a habit/routine. I used Avene Body lotion. You can find it at clicks or Discem, not your usual skin creams. Teeth whitening i used a teeth whitening tooth paste.

My pedicure was done by Bella Essenza and she also does body massages while she is giving you a pedicure. Manicure was done by my local, Marietjie.

Wedding Services Used

Bakenhof Winelands Venue

Bakenhof Winelands Venue

Crowned as one of the “Top 10 Wedding Venues in the Winelands”, this glamorous glass venue offers unbeatable value and magnificent views