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Live Cartoon Portraits

Live Cartoon Portraits


I’m a professional live caricature artist and my live wedding caricature session is a fantastic wedding entertainment idea!
My mission is to always depict wedding guests in a dignified manner in my caricature sketches and two, provide a fun vibe. My exaggerated caricature style is funny, yet tasteful but it is my ‘realistic lite’ caricature style which is preferred by most wedding guests because it is a good looking depiction of them, if not a bit flattering at times! The ‘realistic lite’ styled caricature also maintains excellent resemblance of the model yet, it takes just 2-3 minutes to complete per wedding guest which means that 20-25 caricatures can be sketched per hour! They are so well liked that wedding guests have them framed as special mementos or even put them up as their profile pics on various social media platforms. Sketches are normally done on A4 size paper for either singles or couples and A3 or A2 for group caricature sketches. An A2 size sketch page can accommodate 20 - 25 guests while still keeping within the 2-3 minute time frame per wedding guest! This is ideal for family or bridal party group caricature sketches! Sketch pages may be personalised with a beautifully designed monogram at a minimal cost.
But, my live caricature session is not all about sketching; It’s also entertaining!
Being sketched live before a crowd of wedding guests is thrilling and an unforgettable experience! I engage with my models while I sketch them and joke with them too. Its not uncommon to hear lots of giggles and laughter coming from my work station therefore, it’s truly interactive! I converse both in English and in Afrikaans.
A ‘bride and groom caricature’ portrait sketched live at the venue is the highlight of the live wedding caricature session – it is an A3 size caricature portrait of the bride and groom which is sketched in colour and makes for a VERY special wedding memento! It requires just 10 minutes of posing and 20 minutes to complete!
Let’s discuss how we can plan a live wedding caricature session that would make your special day even MORE special!
So, please go ahead and contact me; I'm looking forward to receiving your call.

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