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Live Cartoon Portraits

Live Cartoon Portraits


Hi there, my name is Gary.
I’m a professional live caricature artist and my live wedding caricature service is a fantastic wedding entertainment add-on! My mission is twofold: One, to sketch wedding guests so that they look their best in their caricature portraits and two, provide a fun vibe! It’s not uncommon for wedding guests to love their caricatures so much that they frame their caricatures or have them up as their profile pics on social media! One wedding guest excitedly said, “He’s drawn me better than I actually look, I LOVE it!” The most popular style at weddings is my ‘realistic-lite’ style which is a realistic and slightly flattering depiction of a person. A ‘funny’ style is also available for those who prefer it; it is an exaggerated version but depicted in a tasteful way. This particular style can be equally admired by wedding guests.
My live caricature session arouses interest from the moment it starts because wedding guests love the sketching process – it’s simply interesting to watch! Also, to be sketched live by an artist before everyone is a thrilling experience which would be hard to ever forget! In fact, it appeals to everybody of all ages and the fun vibe simply goes on and on, involving everyone watching as well as those being sketched. I continually engage with my wedding guests in a lively and friendly manner while I sketch them. I converse both in English and in Afrikaans. I never allow a moment of silence to go on for too long because I stimulate conversation frequently and the smiles or laughter just roll on – it’s a very interactive experience! Wedding guests are made to feel comfortable; I’m able to relax even the most nervous models! My live wedding caricature session always leaves one with an indelible, treasured memory!
A bridal couple expressed their appreciation this way, “You are extremely talented and we are just so excited to have you here with us tonight —yay! You really know how to make people feel comfortable, which is such a great skill!”
It takes 2-3 minutes to sketch a wedding guest. Sketches are normally done on A4 size paper for either singles, couples or groups of three. A group of 6 – 8 wedding guests can be accommodated on a single A3 page while groups of up to 20 - 25 can be accommodated on a single A2 size page! This is ideal for family or bridal party group caricature sketches. Sketch pages may be personalized with a beautifully designed monogram at a minimal cost. All completed sketches in any page size would be placed flat into a plastic sleeve of a corresponding size for protection.
A ‘bride and groom caricature’ portrait sketched live at the venue is a highlight of the live wedding caricature session – it is an A3 size caricature portrait of the bride and groom, the only one sketched in colour, making it a VERY special wedding memento! It requires just 10 minutes of posing!
My setup is arranged in a certain way which conforms to covid-19 protocols so that wedding guests may still be able to comfortably view my sketching process, engage with me or the models while social distancing around my work station is maintained. Before my live caricature session begins, my hands would be properly sanitised. I will have my mask on while away temporarily from my workstation or placed on my chin while in session at my workstation because I would need to communicate clearly with my models while entertaining them.
I’m sure you’d think that this is a great and unique idea for your wedding day. Well, it certainly is; its success rate has been virtually 100% every time even throughout lockdown so far! Let’s discuss how we can plan one for your wedding day. It’s affordable! I'm based in Johannesburg but am able to travel. So, please go ahead and contact me; I'm looking forward to receiving your call or email message!

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