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Reverend Brits

Rev. Jozef Brits


My Approach to Marriage Ceremonies

As a Non-Denominational Minister, [registered with the Department of Home Affairs for Section 2 and Section 5 Marriages and Civil Unions], it is my opinion that your chosen faith is precisely that YOUR CHOICE. It is never my intention to sway your choice or judge your decision. As a Reverend, who understands fully the commitment a couple is about to make, I take great pride in ensuring that the two people about to join in their life's journey, do so surrounded by God's love and support, and be guided by His Spirit.

Your wedding is a celebration and happy occasion and I will always deliver a cheerful, modern and dignified service. One that you and your guests will always remember. This day is after all your big day.

The very popular inclusions these days are the Sand Ceremony, the Rose Ceremony and the Vows to your Children [if you are joining families together]. All these are optional and are now included on the website so that you can see exactly what the procedures are.

Today's Wedding Ceremonies are fun and exciting for everyone, and people choose to have them in amazing settings. No longer restricted to a church, this allows them to be more personalised and even flamboyant. You can have your wedding exactly the way you want it to be. I can give you lots of guidance if need be.

It's my intention to make your special day the best that it can be!

Marriage Officer in the Western Cape

You will find Reverend Brits everywhere, from Wine Farms in Stellenbosch - Upmarket Hotels in Cape Town & Clifton.

Beach Weddings - Small & Intimate Chapels in Franschhoek – everywhere along the West Coast ... you name it, he was there.

Whatever the circumstances or occasion, he is not only a friend, but is also a confidant. He delivers a service that is full of passion and emotion. He is a Non-Denominational Minister who really does understand the complexities of today's weddings and civil unions.

Marriages, Blessings, Vow Renewals, Civil Partnerships / Same-Sex Marriages and many more .....
This is a Minister that has fast won the hearts of so many couples all over the world because of his truthful and honest approach to what's real in the world today. Non-judgemental, his endearing charm, his wisdom and his humour all have an undeniable impact. He will always leave your guests with something to talk about.

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How To Choose Your Marriage Officiant

How To Choose Your Marriage Officiant

Don't forget 'choosing your wedding officiant' is a crucial item on that mile-long wedding to-do list!

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