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Nicole Erwee

Married on Sep 4, 2021 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


One can simply not expect a paragraph of all the memorable moments of our wedding day. Ill try and keep the "cheesiness" to an absolute minimum, although, no promises will be made...

Going from no sleep the night before, hearing every tick of the clock, to not wanting the night - or shall I say the next morning - to end.

Where do I start? I can't even remember what the Chapel looked like when my father and I walked in. All I know is, Usain Bolt would not have been able to catch up at the speed we were walking wanting to marry my soon-to-be in front of me.
I do remember the love felt from both sides of us, in front of me and from above. Seeing all our friends and family was truly a memorable moment as their facial expressions had more emotions on them than we ever expected.

Our bridal party looked absolutely exquisite, almost taking all the attention away from us, which they would deserve as we would not have been able to do the day/year without them.

Our décor, food, music, makeup artists, hair stylists and the venue were beyond our expectations. We would not change anything even if we could.

For our photographers - WOW - you would not be able to see how memorable our wedding was without them being able to capture every emotion. You would see this in our pictures attached - as well as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here comes the most cheesy part: I will always remember after my husband and I said the 'I do's' and the Pastor prayed to bless our marriage, my husband kissed my forehead when no one was looking. The ground beneath my feet disappearing, floating on air. That was the moment when it felt like we were alone in the room and our life together actually started.

The Honeymoon


My husband and I have a very intense love for the Lowveld (Bushveld). It might just be the Afrikaner blood running through our veins or the fact that we couldn't leave the country due to Covid. I don't know, no one will ever know.

We booked at a lodge in Marloth Park in our own suite completely secluded with private pool and jacuzzi with the restaurant and spa being only 5 minutes away. We also had the choice to have a very intimate braai with a braai-broodjie (if this could ever be romantic, it was tried and approved) if we wanted.

We went on game drives in the Kruger National Park which had been absolutely amazing. No caption or explanation would ever be needed to describe one of the most beautiful parts of our Country.

My husband and I love road trips so that is exactly what we did. We stopped at Milly's for a stunning smoke trout breakfast and had lunch at the bos.Veld Restaurant and Bar in Marloth Park.

It was very sad to leave this special place but the excitement to actually start our life together took over and we couldn't wait to get back home. They will definitely see us again though.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Being a bit overweight, and struggling for a very long time to fit wedding dresses that actually fit me, was actually the worst part of getting married. I had people just straight up say - sorry but I don't want to waste your time but we have nothing under a size 40. Not even giving me the option of getting the dress made. Ok enough of the sad part, now to the good-

The One Bridal were absolutely amazing. I have NEVER felt as gorgeous when I fitted my dress for the first time. My makeup artist and hairstylist - Julia Hadlow - made me look like the best version of me, not someone else.

Anelle Kleinsmith who did my Mother and Mother-in-law's makeup were beyond expectations. Anelle arranged 4 extra hairstylists and makeup artists as I had 9 bridesmaids (I didn't know how to choose) and they looked fine as hell.

Jewellery and accessories were kept to a minimum. Very small and classy and it worked wonders for my dress.

I was going for a very Modern Victorian look and everyone were absolutely amazing. So professional and beautiful on the inside and out.

The Venue

Glenburn Lodge and Spa

They have two venues on the premises and we chose Glenkyle. It was the bigger venue with a beautiful chapel and reception area. Enough space on the lawn to set up a Marquee Tent for the guests to have some pre drinks and Canapes.

They had a boma ready for us after the wedding to enjoy the rest of the evening until the following morning. Accommodating is an absolute understatement.

There was more than enough accommodation available for the guests. We had about three quarters of the guests join us at the after party as they stayed on the premises. They also enjoyed an amazing and well needed breakfast buffet the next morning which was included.

Glenburn Lodge & Spa

Glenburn Lodge & Spa

Voted as one of the top wedding venues in Gauteng, Glenburn Lodge has three wedding venues with guest capacities ranging between 60 and 300 guests.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Trying to become the most beautiful bride was never the issue. Feeling like the most beautiful bride was. I could not have done it without Bruidsgids bridal beauty regime.

There was a timeline in the magazine which I followed and it paid off. I was glowing by the time it got to the day of the wedding. Almost all of the things on the regime I did myself - with the help of my fellow supporter, Clicks and Dischem. They have never let me down. From teeth whitening strips to foot scrubbing. I was at a spa for almost a year.

Absolute bliss

Wedding Elements

My husband and I have a very weird relationship. I like using my ideas and he likes making final decisions. I gave him five colours and he chose three. I ran with it.

Gold, Green and Black - with wood finishes.

Elegant, modern and absolutely classy.

We asked the guests to wear any of these three colours and added white as well. The whole wedding looked like a proper event with how they looked. All the men looked tall dark and handsome and the women looked glamorous as always. The green background on the lawn just made all the outfits pop- especially those who wore black.

We added Fairylights to the roof and globes to the back of the main table, who doesn't like a fairytale wedding? - our main table was designed by one of my bridesmaids, we wanted it to be a surprise, and it was. It was so beautiful and gorgeous and magnificent, shall I add more synonyms for the word beautiful? I'm sure you'll get the picture - oh wait.. I attached one {lol}.

We couldn't have been happier with the outcome.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband (it will never get old calling him that) and groomsmen wore black suits with white shirts underneath. They had black ties and black suspenders and WOW.

Having 10 groomsmen, we asked all of them to get their own suits or use their own one if they already had one. We supplied their ties and suspenders for them and obviously a beer or two (haha) when they got ready.

The ties and suspenders were supplied by Oriental Plaza.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids and Man of Honor - my anchors during this time - was number one on my list.

Their outfit was planned from head to ankle. They wore BEAUTIFUL ladies 'suits' that complimented all shapes and sizes. My man of honor wore an all black suit that looked - oh my goodness - gorgeous.

We had a formal legging from Woolworths, a black lace bodysuit form Mr.Price and a jacket that was made by Barreto Bridalwear Designer.
Their hair and makeup was also to be the same as I am a team person. I wanted all the guests to look at my bridesmaids and know they are a bridesmaid and be able to notice and see how absolutely beautiful they are. And the guests did. I had a lot of guest tell me how beautiful I looked and how beautiful the wedding is but most of the compliments went to my bridesmaids. They were in awe on how this is completely different to the traditional outfits (which is also beautiful) and they loved it and couldn't stop looking. They were happy, so I was happy!

My Captured Moments

Lumen Vitae Photography - actually, Leopoldt Jansen Van Vuuren, was the best thing about the wedding. You could feel the love and passion for photography the day we met. We were absolutely blessed to have him for our Engagement shoot, and even more so for the Wedding.

Leopoldt captured moments that we never even saw at the wedding. He sent us photos while he busy editing it as he was just too exited to wait. I had tears in my eyes from the beginning of the photos until the end. No, I didn't cry when I saw the tables, I'm not THAT emotional.

We will always be using Lumen Vitae Photography for all special moments - hopefully a pregnancy shoot will be next, FINGERS CROSSED.

We made a life long friend. Not just another service provider.

The Wedding Planner

Where do I begin...
Christoff came with the venue, Glenburn Lodge and Spa.

It felt like I should've paid him myself, he was THAT good. It was as if he knew what my concerns were even before I mentioned them (not that I had many - everything was perfect).

The day ran smoothly, all changes were made in an instance and no problems (that I know of - lol) occured. What more could a happy bridal couple want?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Glenburn Lodge & Spa

Glenburn Lodge & Spa

Voted as one of the top wedding venues in Gauteng, Glenburn Lodge has three wedding venues with guest capacities ranging between 60 and 300 guests.

Food & Cake

We had a very close family friend making us our wedding cake and donuts. It was a white chocolate mud cake, sorry, what I meant to say way - a DEATH by white chocolate mud cake, and let me just tell you - what a way to go. Yum...
We had a lot of glazed donuts with nougat and chocolates below the cake and I (the bride) didn't even get any. That's how we know, it was to die for.

Glenburn Lodge and Spa specializes in Buffet catering. From Pickled brisket beef, chicken stuffed with feta and peppadew, lamb curry and grilled line fish to duo white and dark chocolate mouse in a brandy snap basket with home-made berry compote, warm apple crumble and home-made strawberry and citrus cheesecake, everyone was in seventh heaven.

The only thing left was vegetables - I mean, even that was good but no-one needed the reminder of being healthy at the wedding. That's Monday's problem.

Wedding Stationery

Steampunk Signage and Media

Two A0 Perspex designs and it looked absolutely fantastic. They were quick and very easy to work with. We had our designs within four days.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our Canapes had a live band outside - as a lawn bowls player, I had the liberty to know our top bowler in the country, Mr. Jason Evans, and her sings and has his own band. He sang golden oldies in the background and it set the tone of the day beautifully.

For the reception and Chapel we used a DJ from AMA Promotions. This was the only section where I was a bit of a bridezilla - this was non negotiable. We handed the DJ a set playlist as our families and friends are HUGE music lovers. It was crucial to have awesome music - and we did. The DJ played the right song when needed, and chose the perfect order to the playlist. We could not have been happier.

My husband (goosebumps every time I write this) and I never went for any lessons. We enjoyed the moment and enjoyed our "Platteland" song by John Rock Prophet together. I'm not going to lie, do I think we could win dancing with the stars? Maybe next year (haha).

As they always say "Music is love, in search of a word".

Wedding Services Used

Glenburn Lodge & Spa

Glenburn Lodge & Spa

Voted as one of the top wedding venues in Gauteng, Glenburn Lodge has three wedding venues with guest capacities ranging between 60 and 300 guests.