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Vicki Van Wyk

Married on May 22, 2021 in North West Province

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Magical Moments


Wedding receptions may be rife with fun and excitement, but it’s the ceremony that serves as the heartbeat of the big day. The walk down the isle with our "bagpipe" guy Nicholas, the first kiss (FINALLY Husband and WIFE) , the exchanging of wedding rings —there’s nothing like these tender moments to evoke all the feels. A wedding may spill with emotion from beginning to end, but the feelings peak during the ceremony—it doesn’t get more real than when you’re literally promising to spend the rest of your life with someone. And when those emotions are captured unfiltered on camera by a great photographer, what could be more priceless?
Seriously, what melts your heart more than a crying groom? Not much...

(But for me the most special moment at our wedding was our 1st dance.
Our dance to our new life together.
Our dance came from a happy place, full of love and no movement.
Just time standing still appreciate the new start.
"They say a picture speaks a 1000 words. And I believe that is true.")

The Honeymoon


Its was basically more a short holiday/honeymoon with our little boy with us (He is very busy)
Banana Beach - Very private. We rest, we visited small restaurants and had a great time together.
Me and my husband are both hard working persons and we needed the rest after a busy 2 years. A wedding we planned and did most the work ourselves, with covid and kids. Our holiday/honeymoon was well deserved
Holidays are special because people celebrate them by doing something different than what they do on a regular day.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

It goes without saying that you want your dress to be one of the big talking points of the day, so think about what will make your guests’ eyes pop out when you walk down the aisle. It could be a brightly coloured dress, a dramatic train or a tea-length gown with a pair of to-die-for shoes.

My wedding look was classy and vintage. (My sister was of great help) My dress I bought 2nd hand. I found this great couple Le Roux Couture in Klerksdorp. They did amazing work on my dress. Definitely would recommend them. My hair. Thank you Zanne in Klerksdorp. My makeup - The best special person. My Sister Esti.
Jewelry - Just plain earrings. " Less is more"

The Venue

RoseMary's in Klerksdorp. Special little restaurant with a church. Guests stayed at families or guesthouses.
I would recommend RoseMary's for everyone looking for something out of the ordinary.
Rosemary's offers a tranquil and peaceful setting where you are able to just relax

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Great Skin-needling. at Inge's (Klerksdorp)
Great facial and treatments from my niece in Fochville Nadine - Mooie Dame is her place

Wedding Elements

The reception is the perfect occasion to bring in elements that will showcase the personality of the newlywed couple, plus it’s where family and friends can fully participate in the celebration.
My décor was burgundy, dusty pink and rose-gold. I hired the extras and did all my flowers with the help of my mother, sisters and my friend from Cape Town.
Flowers I bought from a market and a rose farm in Bothaville.
I wanted the décor to be stylish, pretty and a piece of my handy work and heart went into every little thing I did.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

It was just my husband and our two boys. We bought their cloths where we could find what we wanted.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

It was just our daughter - Also at a shop a pretty dusty pink dress.

Marriage Officer

My father
I was blessed after many years, dreams etc that he could be the one to marry us.
So he walked me down the aisle gave me away and then did the ceremony himself. It was kind of different but very special.

My Captured Moments

I only had a Photographer. Very nice young women. Ansja van Staden in Klerksdorp
Our guests took videos for us

The Wedding Planner

No- Me myself and I

Wedding Transport

This is also a story -
I saw this guy in the newspaper at the car show. My husband knows a lot of people. I asked him. Do you know this man.
Luckily he did and he took me on a great ride. Our little boy drove with me. He couldn't stop talking about this car. (He loves anything with a engine and wheels)

Food & Cake

Food was Christelle at RoseMary's - RoseMary’s Restaurant exceeded my wildest expectations! . The service was excellent and the people friendly and welcoming.
The place had a wonderful ambience and the service was good. Still one of Klerksdorp's top restaurants and worth a visit.

The tradition of a wedding cake goes back to Roman times when a cake of meal was crumbled over the bride's head to provide good luck. The wedding cake symbolizes good fortune.
The wedding cake, a friend's mother baked the traditional fruitcake for us and I decorated it myself

Wedding Stationery


The Reception and Entertainment

We did our own sound.
My husband only has one leg - No dance lessons. We did our dance with love passion and no moves.