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Cameron Bouwer

Married on Mar 13, 2021 in Limpopo


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Magical Moments


Where do i begin ....
I think every Women starts to dream of their wedding day from when they are little and hopes it will be everything they dream of if not more ..

Well i can definitely say our wedding was MAGICAL !
I often wish as the weeks go by we could go back and do it all over again . There is no other experience than getting married in the bush to the man of your dreams ,with the best girls by your side in a dress that is made to fit every inch of your body( you feel like a Queen) .
Seeing our families come together and celebrate the love my Husband and i Share with each other was such a emotional, heart warming experience . Having people cross boarders and drive hours to celebrate our Love for one another meant just as much.
On the morning of my wedding you could feel the excitement in the air ,the boys where out on a game drive taking in the environment and swimming, and us girls where getting pampered from the get go .
Theres something special being able to sit by yourself and feel complete calmness on a day that is supposed to feel stressful, i think it had alot to do with the fact that i knew i would be marrying my best friend and soul mate , it was surreal that in a few hours i would be a married women .

Our Ceremony was magical climbing out the car in the middle of the African Bush with wildlife around us, and seeing my Fiance (soon to be husband)stairing at me with tears streaming down his face and a smile that could reach each ear was a moment i will never forget , majority of our guests where in tears with him .
Its the first part of my wedding i had seen all the planning and hard work really paid off .

Our Venue and our vendors went above and beyond they had really exceeded our expectations and felt like they had each become a friend in the end .
The food was INSANE! Out of this world really !
There are no words to describe how we felt when we saw our vision come together in the end except for Magical !

I think the best part of our wedding was having our support system there with us , it was so important for us to have people that meant the most to us there, especially in these uncertain times of covid . It was the perfect foundation for the start of our marriage .

I would not change a thing about our wedding day it was PERFECT and all i can say is we are so Blessed !

The Honeymoon


We have not gone on Honeymoon yet, unfortunately due to the pandemic it just isnt possible for us to take a few day off during the week , but we are planning on hopefully going on our Honeymoon by the end of the year .

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My hair was done by @Bridal_by_Armon the look was Hollywood Glamour curls which is along the 1920’s feel ,very unique and classy.
my makeup was done by @Rosaleamakeupartistry it was stunning she knew exactly what would suite me we did more neutral colours like creams and browns also a very classy look for the bush.
And my dress was AMAZING,it was make by @Renatakuzak ,it was a custom beaded bespoke couture wedding dress that had detachable angel wings (instead of a veil) the look was classy, elegant but still modern and sexy .
I wore diamond drop earrings that had labradorite stone in the middle which gave me a touch of Boho.

The Venue

Lunikhy Game Farm in Bela Bela
Our guest where able to stay on the game farm in various chalets and houses spread across the game farm .

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Wash your face twice in the morning ,use a good toner and day cream with spf try stay out the sun .
Evenings wash your face twice , use a good toner or serum along with your eye cream and night cream .
Make sure youve done a tanning trail if you are going to spray tan .
Nails where done 2 days before the wedding .
Go for a nice long massage or pamper day in the beginning of the week of the wedding.
Drink lots of water stay hydrated. Take your vitamins, eat healthy meals and COLLAGEN !!!!

Wedding Elements

My colour scheme was emerald green, burnt orange, baby pink, black and champagne.
Decor was simple modern boho, different vases in shape and colour along with black candles all done by bish bash boosh.
A Seed to Sow did our Flowers they where a mixture of fluffy cream pampas grass , the most stunning baby pink and champagne roses , mustard and purple orchids and dried flowers , the smell of the flowers where unreal !!
Under the huge tent where we had our reception twhere Natural wooden tables and cocktail tables with clear perspex chairs , we hair alot of fairy lights and exposed lightbulbs hanging in the tree under the tent.
A amazingly lit up G&T bar with a variety of fruits where our guests could create their own Gin cocktails and enjoy the bonfires !

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a beige suit with a rustic brown tie and brown leather belt along with a white collared shirt and smart brown leather shoes .
The groomsmen wore beige chino pants with brown leather shoes,brown leather belts and rustic brown suspenders.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My beautiful girls wore Emerald green dresses they each wore a different style of dress so they were all unique and different but unified in the colour

Marriage Officer

Our ceremony was done by a very close family friend and then We had the Magistrate Una Rens legally marry us after

My Captured Moments

Our Photographer was Lora Photography which is Loricia Bruwer and Ramey Short . They made us feel so comfortable and relaxed when taking photos also they weren't scared to get out and go for a adventure and bash through the veldt to get the perfect shots . They made the whole experience so comfortable and exciting !

The Wedding Planner

We made use of the venues coordinator which i would recommend for any bride ( even the controlling ones )

Wedding Transport

We where fortunate enough to be able to use the venues Land Cruiser for the weekend it was included in our wedding package so we didnt have to worry about transport around the farm when we where there

Food & Cake

The AMAZING food was made by Denielle Falck she is part of the Lunihky team . And our wedding cakes came from Chateau Gateaux

Wedding Stationery

All our unique wedding stationary such as order of the day , table numbers ,name tags and menus was made by Kila and Koo Designs and our seating chart and welcome sign was made by steampunk sinage and media

The Reception and Entertainment

The reception was lit up by candles, fairy light and exposed lightbulbs a real african bush feel and our DJ was Braam from Multi Music Entertainment did such a great job by creating the perfect ambiance with great music ! Both my husband and i have two left feet so we decide to just wing our first dance and remove the unrealistic expectation of us doing the waltz or a choreographed dance .