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Simóne Rowe

Married on Feb 13, 2021 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Our wedding took place at the end of February 2021, when the Covid regulations were still in place- there was still a 9.30pm curfew (luckily the alcohol ban had been lifted one week before our wedding day). We had to cut down our guest list numerous times and ended up having the guest list reduced quite a bit.

But what was amazing and a definitely highlight was that we chose our favourite people to sleep over at the venue, this meant that those that were staying over could dance with us until after midnight. It actually made it so much more special and fun, and looking back, we realise this might not have happened if the Covid regulations didn't make us adapt our plans. Another highlight was jumping in the venue pool with our bridesmaids and groomsmen (and with my wedding dress still on!) once the dance floor was closed. Our favourite memory and highlight was the tattoo artist that my husband planned to have there, we each got a small initial of our names tattooed on our arms and afterwards we opened the 'tattoo floor' to the guests as well. The tattoo artist had prepared a number of options for the guests to choose from.

The Honeymoon


We went to the Copia Eco Cabins in Bot River for a few nights but we have not gone on our official honeymoon yet as we are waiting for Covid travel regulations to ease and we are also trying to save some more money before deciding where to go.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I was inspired by the classic Mediterranean style. I wore a very simple and elegant ivory strap dress with floral imprints and an ivory veil with embroidery around the edges. The dress was from ZARA and very much under my budget, during all the COVID setbacks, my roommate found it online and I immediately fell in love with it. My original dress was actually a lot more traditional (and more expensive) and from a wedding dress boutique in Cape Town, I went with friends to try on some dresses but decided to not go ahead and purchase the ZARA dress instead. I wore my friends small classic gold hooped earrings. My hair and makeup was done by Tremayne West, she had an assistant who also helped with my eight bridesmaids (two of my bridesmaids couldn't make it due to Covid- my younger sister who is in the Netherlands and a high school friend who was in UK). For my hair we went with loose curls (similar to the actress in Mamma Mia) and my makeup was very natural with nudes and brown shades for my lips and eyes. My shoes were three strapped nude low heels from Cotton On. I had to find something comfortable as I am not the best at walking in heels! I also wore a few of my own gold and silver rings on my hands.

The Venue

Langkloof Roses, Wellington. Just over 40 of our guests stayed over on the property in beautiful little cottages, the rest went to their own accommodation in the area at 9.30pm. The venue includes breakfast the next morning.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I did a lot of Yoga (which I normally do). I tried not to touch my face or cause any infections before the big day! I stuck to my normal skin regime which is using a variety of essential oils in the morning and evening, along with Natural Tallow. I also went for a Vitamin C peel at the laser Clinic in Cape Town (I do this peel every few weeks combined with IPL treatment). To remove the fine hairs and dry skin from my face I went for a micro-blading session, which I had never done before. It was very helpful and made my face smooth and it also helped to keep the makeup on my face and not to smudge- especially because the weather in Wellington was so hot!

Wedding Elements

I was inspired by the simplistic and rustic Mediterranean style. I wanted Casablanca lilies, kumquats (small oranges), peonies, small red / purple berries, olive leaves and other greenery. Unfortunately Peonies and Kumquats were not in season in Feb, but my friend who did the floral arrangements for me made a plan with similar looking flowers. i wanted a wildness to my and my bridesmaids' bouquets. The tables had a mix of small beige, black and white matt vases with elements of all the different flowers inside. The shelving units had olive leaves and flowers draped over them and the chandelier unit had lots of greenery hanging from it. I bought many black candles that went in gold antique candle holders (My Pretty vintage) across the rented beige cheesecloth runners (Muse Decor Hire). I also hired white wooden chairs (Baie Goeters) as I did not like the transparent chairs of the venue.

I rented a raw wooden arch also from Baie Goeters, and my mom in law made white cotton curtains that hung on either side of the arch. Some other smalls that I rented to go with the theme were wine carafes, a gold antique cake stand and cutter, plinths, black napkins, black plates, gold cutlery and a small bohemian table and gold vintage wine cups (for communion / breaking of bread). All of these things were from either Baie Goeters, Muse Decor Hire and My Pretty Vintage. I designed and printed some verses and quotes onto canvas and made them into banners that I hung from the trees and dance floor walls.

My Pretty Vintage

My Pretty Vintage

My Pretty Vintage is all about creating events with a touch of whimsical magic, unique details and an abundance of love.



Goeters specialises in the utmost imaginative creations of beautiful décor and lights for weddings and events.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The Groomsmen wore white shirts with olive green pants (they all bought their own pants and white shirts). They also all had a small gold plated tiger pin that we ordered off of Etsy, this is because grooms nickname is Tiger. The Groom wore a classic black suit with a white shirt and black tie.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I wanted my bridesmaids to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful so I just gave them a colour palette and then let them choose there own style of dress / outfit. They all got their outfits from different shops. The colour palette was earthy colours (black, brown, olive green, terracotta, beige). And then their shoes were either black or brown, they also wore their own rings if they wanted to and gold earrings.

Marriage Officer

My Dad is a pastor and he married us. This was quite special as he walked me down the isle and then stayed in the front to do the ceremony.

My Captured Moments

My very good friend and amazing wedding photographer Hannah Beth, she is from the USA. We were roomates and she also shot a few of my friends weddings and my sisters wedding.

The Wedding Planner

No I didn't, but the venue Langkloof Roses has a co-ordinator that helps on the day and also helps a bit with the co-ordination leading up to the day.

Wedding Transport

We didn't have any special transport as many guests were sleeping over and we also slept over on the property.

Food & Cake

The venue has an in house chef who is really amazing, her name is Linda Bruyns. We did a "Feast on the Table" style dinner, which were platters of roast lamb, potatoes, breads and salads laid out on the tables. We also had a beautiful Mediterranean harvest table for the reception time. For desert we just had small ice cream tubs handed out on the dance floor. We had wine served on the tables and Beers / Gin and Tonics for Pre-drinks. After that there was a cash bar for the rest of the evening (all run by the venue). my cake was made by a good friend of mine who makes healthy snacks and beautiful cakes (Ashleigh Martin | Instagram: @thehunnyfox)

Wedding Stationery

I am a graphic designer so I designed all of the menus, name tags, invites, signs and canvas banners myself. That was one of the best parts for me- seeing my own designs come to life.

The Reception and Entertainment

We paid for a DJ (Frans) until 9.30pm (as there was still a curfew and he needed to drive back to Cape Town). After that one of our friends who DJ's for fun on the side took over until midnight. He was sleeping over so that made things easier and actually a lot more fun too!

Wedding Services Used

My Pretty Vintage

My Pretty Vintage

My Pretty Vintage is all about creating events with a touch of whimsical magic, unique details and an abundance of love.



Goeters specialises in the utmost imaginative creations of beautiful décor and lights for weddings and events.