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Nicole Vember

Married on Feb 27, 2021 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


The highlight was definitely, the amazing fun we had! The day was perfect! No flaws! So much laughter, so intimate, so personalised.

The Honeymoon


Spent two nights in Cape Town with breath-taking beach views, then One night in Johannesburg in our new house we just bought, then a week in Sun City.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My look was 'timeless'. I believe looking back years from now, I would still choose that dress over and over again. Hair and makeup was just a mild touch of enhancements. My shoes, besides being cute was actually flat, and as the day went on, my decision to have a flat shoe was well rewarded - It was a garden wedding and photos were taken in rough terrain, heels would have not worked. I was comfortable and looking good. Andrea Van Schalkwyk

The Venue

Stellenrust, Cape Town. No guests stay the night as it was merely 30km's from our parents home. My parents and my husband's(eeck hehehe) parents live in the same area.



Stellenrust's modern facility is only the beginning of amazing possibilities.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Health and Fitness - this was an issue. My fiancé and I went on a intermittent fasting diet. I lost 3, my fiancé lost 5kg's, then we went dress and suit hunting. My fiance, bought and tailored his own suit. My fittings were taken for my dress and then I continued the fasting and jogging, when I went for my final fitting, my tummy was flatter but my thighs built muscle and were thicker. The dress maker requested that I stop with my regime or else the dress wont fit. I stopped and hoped for the best, come wedding day.

Skin - just 3 litres of water and tea tree oil(clicks)

Teeth whitening - we both went for polishes 4 days before the wedding.

Spa - I was treated to a spa treatment from and with my Mom and Sister

Wedding Elements

Sisters of Adderley, did the flowers which was nothing short of amazing. It was 32 degree on the day and the flowers were perfect all day.
Stellenrust is a wine tasting venue and vineyard. We kept the theme rustic with wooden barrels and dim lights. This also made my white dress pop out very nicely.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My fiancé bought his suit in Johannesburg and travelled with it to Cape Town. He kept telling me that his suit was purple, like barney. I honestly didn't know what to expect. But he went very classic black suit and white shirt, however this was fitted to the tee(he later explained that he bought the suit then custom tailored it himself, by hand) I didn't even know he can do that. His shoes were high polished. His Cufflinks and Watch were on point.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

We had 45 guests due to covid restrictions and therefore had no bridesmaid or bestmen.

Marriage Officer

Desire November

My Captured Moments

Parvenu Photography were amazing. Pre wedding shoot and on the day. We had so much fun with them. The pre-wedding video calls truly made us feel more comfortable and it wasn't like strangers pointing a camera at you asking you to smile.

The Wedding Planner

There was no official planner. My sister organised my side and my husband's brother in law organised their side. both received a full layout of the day and orchestrated it perfectly.

Wedding Transport

No additional transport was used.

Food & Cake

The venue Stellenrust(Ilse) sorted to the food and the wedding cake was a gift.



Stellenrust's modern facility is only the beginning of amazing possibilities.

Wedding Stationery

Andrea Van Schalkwyk (my sister- just completed her make-up course and is a international blog page designer)

The Reception and Entertainment

Dance Lessons - we watched You Tube videos 'stole ideas' and choreographed our own opening dance.
We danced most of the day. My husband is always eager to dance. We had a DJ (Werner).

Wedding Services Used



Stellenrust's modern facility is only the beginning of amazing possibilities.