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Married on Dec 4, 2021 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


Our love story started in 2008 when we met in our beautiful hometown Calitzdorp, known as "Die Port Hoofstad".

Since day one we fell in love with each other. We are a very ordinary couple who loves to travel, having fun and spending quality time together. We also like spending time with our family and friends.

We share a very happy 11 years together as boyfriend and girlfriend and 2 years as fiance & fiancee, a whole 13 years and we do not regret any of the phases and did not want it any other way. We are each others' motivation and cheerleaders.

Tell us all about the proposal.



So it happened that after 11 happy years together he decided to pop the big question...

At his 30th birthday party where she got to be the party planner. During his thank you speech...

Here she thought that this man gonna thank her now for this beautiful birthday party...

And boom he propose...And She Said YES!!!

The best and true love you will experience at our HappilyEverAfter Day.

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