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Sarah Stroberg

Married on Dec 4, 2021 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

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How did your love story begin?


A friends reunion at a two-day trail run in the Drakensberg is where our happily ever after began.
The theme was superheroes and I couldn’t help but think “who is this idiot running a 21km run in the heat of summer wearing a power ranger morph suit” when I first saw Tyron.
On the run, the friend I was running with knew the friend he was running with and I briefly met Ty.
Fast forward to the next Wednesday, I bumped into him at a weekly group run and went over to say hello, only for him not to remember me and re-introduced himself to me. He however felt so bad, that he had to message me and make it up to me.
Needless to say the rest is history.

Two years later we will now be getting married at the same venue as where we first met in the beautiful Drakensberg.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Starting Saturday, 4 February 2021 with our usual long run with our running group, lead to an afternoon drive to the midlands for milkshakes in Ty’s dad’s old jag. On the way home we stopped at this beautiful sunset spot to watch the sunset.
As we got there, a beautiful picnic was set up and Ty proposed. Our moment was captured beautifully by our friends who were hiding in the grass.

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