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Nokuthemba Khumalo

Nokuthemba Khumalo

Getting married on Dec 11, 2021 in Gauteng

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On a very hectic day at work April 2020 I had a lot of patients to see, at around 11:46 I was called by security that I have a package at the gate from Netflorist . It was a bunch of red roses and chocolate from my boyfriend. That brighten up my stressful day. I was able to push the line with great enthusiasm. I skipped my lunch to try and see as much patients(I am a nurse) . Went for lunch arount 15:06 while sitting in the kitchen minding my food the door opened there he was, I got shocked and stood up. The first thing I said in shock. " what are doing here" My colleagues followed him, he kneeled down and I was frozen in tears and very surprised. I didn't know what to do or say, everybody was screaming . My best friend knew everything she was filming the whole thing. I just gave him my hand. I am a very shy person and I don't usually like to be on the spotlight but somehow my boyfriend knew that. He was very happy. That was the happiest day ever.

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