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Nicole Naidoo

Married on Dec 11, 2021 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


I can only thank our precious Holy Spirit for bringing my fiancé and I together. God says that He has destined a partner for you. The year 2018 God lead me to go to a church that was an hour drive away, my first day at The Miracle Centre church I was so engrossed at the presence of God that filled the entire building and so I kept going to this church every Sunday which then led to Wednesday and Fridays to. During that time I did not know that the man God had destined for me to marry was attending the same church. He had already been in the church for 6 years. We got talking because we were in the same department as workers in the church, and still we had no idea what God's plans was. We became friends at church and that was all, we never hung out after church or talked much after church. And so a few month to the end of the year we became really close and started to like each other. We prayed, sowed our seeds and fasted to seek God's purpose for us. On the 8 Dec 2018 we had a church dinner and at the end of the event I went home and my fiancé went to speak to our Pastor for guidance. Before my Fiancé could say anything to our Pastor, our Pastor looked at him and said "I know", and my fiancé was so confused and our Pastor said "Nicole", and was smiling so much and said "Nicole is the one that God wants you to marry" "She is destined to be your wife". And so when my fiancé told me this I was so shocked and my heart began to race. The next day at church my fiancé told me how God had also confirmed to him about me, a week before our pastor confirmed, God spelt out my name in the atmosphere and my fiancé saw my name during his praise and worship to God. His mum was not yet convinced and so asked us to give her till the 2nd of Jan 2019. When his mum went to Durban during the week of the 17 Dec 2018. God showed her a vision of me in a field hugging Jesus, and God said to her this is my daughter that I have brought in your life and to love me as her own. When God speaks to you about His plan for your life, He will always confirm it with 3 more people that is connected in God's presence. That's how my fiancé and my journey begun. We getting married on the 11 Dec 2021

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