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Nakhane Maneli

Married on Dec 16, 2021 in Eastern Cape


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How did your love story begin?


We met through my hubbys cousin, we started dating over the phone with pictures and warm conversations before we finally met and when we met in 2013 we sealed the deal we knew that we were stuck in love. After dating and stayed together for 3yrs every thing collapsed after we changed towns because of distance then 2020 June love found its way then he proposed and we dreaming of having a intimate and a beautiful wedding

Tell us all about the proposal.


He told me in June over the phone I was in King Williams Town and he was in Pe that he has taken a serious dicision and I thought he was joking as we have both moved on, he asked me to give the phone to my Mom and told her that he needs to see me in person in Pe to meet his parents I drove up to Pe he booked us to a Guest house ow what a wonderful time we had, I came back home with a letter addressed to my father and Lobola negotiations started. The day of the negotiations my father insisted that he wants to see this guy as this is not part of our culture to meet the son inlaw the first time he's elders were shocked but because he was around to show them were we stay as they are from Pe he was called inn and my father asked him to propose in front of everyone that was present my family and he's uncles my Prince gave a warm and respectful speech and went dawn to he's knees with a ring and a watch and ask me to marry him and I said yes and that was awesome. Sadly on August huis father passed away after giving us his blessings

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