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Lwazi Kanta

Married on Dec 15, 2021 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


Hahahahaha I met this man during my first year of University.

We lived in brother and sister residences and perhaps had seen each other from time to time during initiation rallies, but we spoke for the first time during the first on-campus res party thrown by our peers.

We made some exchanges of small talk and he then offered me a drink, pulled one out of, what I thought was the coolest cooler bag, and then told me I would always have a drink in his cooler bag. The rest of that evening was history, but after that, we spoke almost daily and took midnight strolls around campus chatting for hours on end. We stayed friends for about 3 months and he asked to be my everything in March 2008. I have been head over hills since

He was like a reminder that I was right where I needed to be, that I had to meet him right at that moment and I cannot wait to marry him and start a new leg of our journey together

Tell us all about the proposal.


See I had never been out of SA before, and he had a design master class to attend in Italy and suggested I come along with him.

We had had a long hard working year and deserved a treat, so obviously I said yes, no blinking needed. The trip was beautiful and more than what I expected, in length as well. We arrived at the 2 Trees Hilton just off the island, which in itself was so tranquil and had such wonderful staff we had the best stay, and we got to be the only ones wearing our SA rugby supporter T-Shirts when they beat Italy during the world cup. So damn surreal(7-8 days).

On the evening of the last day, before we were meant to leave, He seemed restless and at around 11:30 he suggested going downstairs for a spritz nightcap, so we went. There was a beautiful water feature that we took a walk toward, reminiscing about how amazing a journey it has been since we used to take walks around Newlands(a field near our reses on campus) and about all the memories we had created together over the time.

Just as I started to tear up at how breathtaking the view and moment were and about how blessed I felt to be right there with him and how that moment was one of the most amazing of my life, I turned around to find him on one knee, with a ring in hand and a simple question, "can I try and top it?". My best friend asked me to marry him and my heart bounced up to my throat as I said yes.

I never understood why proposals and weddings make people cry and I still don't, but I get it.

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