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Kenneth Melakeco

Kenneth Melakeco

Married on Dec 16, 2021 in Northern Cape


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Magical Moments


The deco was superb and was according to expectations. Seeing my wife walking in the church, looking extra beautiful. The excitement on the families. Our wedding attires were on point and the colours were coordinating.

The Honeymoon



Wedding Gallery


The Venue

At the Kalahari Lodge in Kimberley. Most if the guests were locally based, but a few were from outside Kimberley.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Health and fitness. She was going to gym everyday and bought slimming products , and beauty products. She was eating a healthy diet.

Wedding Elements

The decor was natural earth colour ( goldfish) , with white dripping. The cutlery was gold. The furniture was round tables with tiffany chairs. Normal dimmed lighting. On the second day/ traditional, the decor gold tiffany chairs, wood tables, a water proof tent, wood under plates, and blue african decor.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom was wearing a brown/ goldfish three peace suit, brown shoes and a white shirt. The groom's men were wearing check suits, white shirts and white sneakers.

Marriage Officer

Father Moreri

My Captured Moments

Mike. He is a professional photographer who captured pics using the latest equipments and used a ten of three to capture the pics. One was at the grooms house and the other at the brides house. He used a photo booth before the wedding and take pics, and also at the church and reception, were he and his team were taking pics on us and the family, together with the guests.

The Wedding Planner

No. It was a family affair.

Wedding Transport

Was a C63 Mercedes Benz

Food & Cake

The food were prepared at the wedding venue. The cake prepared by Thando

Wedding Stationery

Mike, the photographer.

The Reception and Entertainment

The reception was at Kalahari Lodge. On arrival guests were treated to starters, were platters were prepared, whilst the family were taking pictures with the bride and groom. The DJ ( Zwaps) prepared the lighting and sound. He kept the guests on their toes.