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Genevieve Jacobs

Married on Dec 26, 2021 in Eastern Cape


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How did your love story begin?


Me and Danny met in high school we are together since then we have one child his name is Kendrick he is 2years old this year on the 26th of November he will turn 3 and I will turn 24 me and Danny love each other and we are very happy we live together for more then 5years

Tell us all about the proposal.


Danny was in Cape town 2weeks ago and call me from the hotel crying and say baby will you marry me I was so socked then I ask him why not asking me in person he say I love you that's why I'm calling so if you say no the pain will not be so deep lol then we laugh then I say baby will marry you we talked about 3hours on the phone but we struggling now to have our big day everything seems so impossible but still we hope it will be a blessed day for us

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