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Jolene Van Wyk (Van Wyk)

Jolene Van Wyk

Married on Nov 27, 2021 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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How did your love story begin?


It all started some 13 years ago when we met through a mutual friend we both shared, but at that time i was in university and i am he was im matric(im not a cradle santcher) ☺️☺️
However this romance all started by our mischievous or should i say naughty mutual friend we share trying to play cupid which opened up into something interesting even though at first i never ever for a second thaught of him in that way but thanks to my mischievous friend a seed was planted. Thereafter we would find ourselves spending all our free time together and it felt good with a bit of weirdness because we never could tell if we wanted to be with each other or are we good as friends up until the first kiss. Now if you have to hear my fiancé side it will be something like this "i was in a fight with some gangster and they out numbered us so we run my friends and i but we decided to split up so i decide to to hide in the flats coinsdently it's by Jolene flat she heard a a noise and found me hiding i ask for some water because i was suffering from heart burn, she passes the water through the gate our eyes locked and i came in 20% for a kiss that's when she also came into for a kiss but the whole 80%" which i never, yes we did kiss but even after that kiss i wouldn't believe that this is the man that God has given me to marry. Before we new what we had we were happy just because we are together weather we were friends or a couple but then we had to address the elephant in the room which was the age difference knowing that i was older and my parents felt like im leading this young man but we spoke about abd decided that we gonna give it a try and 23 years later we are here about to say our vows and spend the rest of our earthly lives together. But I have to admit and say it wasn't all sweets and roses there were alot of tears and hurdles to overcome but im Glad we did because we became stronger. I love my fiancé (Darrion Gys)

Tell us all about the proposal.


First and foremost i must that personally for me i am a simple women who likes the simple things in life, but Darrion on the other hand is the opposite, he likes things big and loves the attention that comes with it.

So it was my birthday 19 October 2016 and just like what i expected to be lots of messages and i assumed it would be a big supper with all of my family members like brother and sister's with thier kids singing happy birthday little did i know that Darrion had ask my mum for my hand in marriage with that being said he wanted to have something small and quiet but my mom had other plans without me knowing she started calling all of our family members im talking about all my dad's siblings and thier spouses together with thier kids like wise on her side as well my mom sister and husband with her kids as well. To my knowledge i assumed that this supper we were suppose to have quietly became a big thing which i never know, now we are scrambling to cater for all of our family because what we had bought was not enough. But eventually all the catering stuff was sorted but then little to my knowledge by then Boyfriend had this special evening set up outside, we live in a block of Flats so the top floor. Directly below us was a roof top. He had these tea light candles lit up Will you Marry me beautiful but before i could see it or before it could go as planned there came the rain and washed all his hard work but nevertheless he was not gonna give up luckily he had bought enough tea light candles so he improvised, with the help of his friends and our neighbour's he pulled it off. the candles was lit up and stuck on with the whole community and family out watching on there i see the words in flames will you marry me, with shock and happiness i turn to ask him what is going on, i see him on one knee i front of everyone with a ring in his hand asking me will i marry him and i said yes

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