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Dejhane Sanderson

Married on Oct 23, 2021 in Limpopo

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Magical Moments


23/10/2021 Is a day never to be forgotten , It was the wedding of my dreams! A Sunflower themed wedding.
From all the stress(worth it) planning it to THE day. The highlight was when I walked in with my dad and seeing the look on my now Husband's face , It's a feeling I can't explain. Everything was on point , absolutely beautiful.
I went with a princess wedding dress because , I wanted to feel like one and definitely felt like one of the most beautiful princesses in the world.

The Honeymoon


Yes I did. We went to Durban for a whole week , we stayed at The Palace.

The Honeymoon


Yes I did. We went to Durban for a whole week , we stayed at The Palace.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I went for a princess look.
Hair done by : Natalie Johnson
Make-up done by : Aspacia Baker
Wedding dress by : Erika Mengouchi
Shoes : Was a wedding gift from sister.
Lingerie : Shein
Jewellery bought at : Lovisa MOTN
Perfume bought at : Thruworths

The Venue

Dalmada Guest House Plot nr6.
Only the bridal crew stayed overnight , same place.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I didn't really use or have to use any skin care products/health & fitness because I'm confident with how I am and how I look.

Wedding Elements

I am so blessed with the best inlaws , my Gran inlaw did all the decor , she loves doing it and always decorates when there's a birthday or a wedding in the family. From the flowers to the lighting to the table seating , I am so grateful to her for everything she's done for us. Although some of furniture was rented from Tazquin (PTY) LTD.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groomsmen wore brown pants with white shirts , yellow bow ties and waist bands with brown shoes and belts all bought at Woolworths.
The Groom wore a tux specially made for him by a boutique in MOTN.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids dress were made by Lamei Couture also in Polokwane. The color of their dresses were a champaign color.
My maid of honour wore my yellow matrix farewell dress.

Marriage Officer

Pastor Isaac Omar.

My Captured Moments

Lion's Eye Visuals , she is the BEST I'm glad I chose her. She captured every single special moment.
It was a garden wedding so we took most photos in the garden , and because we are bikers we had a few bikes there aswell for some pictures.

The Wedding Planner

We had a MC yes Maranata Andrew (aunt of the groom).

Wedding Transport

Because the venue was not so far away we didn't provide Transport.
It was mostly family and close friends.

Food & Cake

The food was prepared by the venue caterers - Rosina Lamola.
The cake was made by one of my friends Kirishly - Cakery by chef Kay.

Wedding Stationery

The bridal gowns/groomsmen undies/ socks and glasses were designed and made by ; DB Creations
The welcome bord and signature pen&holder was designed and made by : Koester
The car Number plates were designed and made by : We Brand It
The rest of the stickers on the sanitizers/candles and thank you gifts we made by our selfs.

The Reception and Entertainment

We didn't go for dance lessons , we had our own dance lessons at home with the help of my mom.
We are a very lucky couple with so many talent in our families that it was not need to hire a DJ because we have 2 in the family. DJ Smokey(cousin of the bride) and also DJ Phinny(uncle of the groom).