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Lize-Marie Van Zyl

Married on Jan 9, 2021 in Garden Route

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Magical Moments


First of all glad the day finally happened. Due to covid we had to postponed it twice. And
what a roller-coaster of emotions it was. But like everyone says everything happen for a reason.
I always had this idea of a big wedding and planned it from the beginning to the end. Then covid happened and changed everything. I would never thought that I would settle for a small wedding. But I realized it is not how many people attends the wedding. The day is really about the groom and the bride. We end up having 25 guests at our wedding, and wow what an unbelievable day it turned out to be.

From not sleeping the night before, arriving at the venue, getting ready and nerves starting to kick in and then to FINALLY put on my wedding dress.

I remember people telling me to take a moment and stand still and just observed everything that is busy happening. There where so many special moments for me, but the few that stood out was the following:
1.My dad seeing me for the first time and seeing the look in his eyes that his little girl is all grown up now. I remember he kept telling me how beautiful I look. He made me feel so special.
2.Walking down the isle and seeing my husband to be. The look on his face was something I can't explain.
3.Seeing my brother on zoom and how proud he is that I am his sister. Due to covid he could not fly into South-Africa.
4. The highlight was when we said I do and turned around at all of our guests look at us and we knew that we are husband and wife.

The Honeymoon


Yes, we went to the weskus for 1 week. Explored all the small towns nearby.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I always imagen my wedding look as old Hollywood, soft colors, classy and simple and with a little bit of rose gold.

THE DRESS: From the beginning I knew that my dress must have two looks. Drama when walking down the isle and then something more fitted afterwards.
The first day I walked into bester bridal, located in Knysna she just got my and what I want. The drama and the more fitted afterwards was on point. From the lace, to the bit of see trough sides to buttons from the top until the end of my dress. Everything was just perfect.

MAKE- UP: Very talented Maryke Fourie - MF make up artistry did my make- up. I said to her she can do whatever she think will work with me as long as I have a little bit of rose gold. When i saw the final result I was speechless. I never in my life thought that I can look the way I did.

SHOES: From the beginning I saw sparkle rose gold shoes in Truworths and was sold from the start. It was comfortable and that is wat mattered the most for me.

Hair: Ashley Makeup Artistry did my hair. I did soft curls with a braiding at the one side.

JEWELLRY: I kept it very simple and plain. A Pandora bracelet that my parents bought for me, earrings from Colette. My hair piece was something bored from my mother.

The Venue

Got married at Bottelierskop the village. All of our guest stay over the night at the venue

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I really tried to keep everything the same and not changes in my normal routine. I went for a few facials at skinlogic 2/3 weeks before the wedding.

Wedding Elements

I am not a flower person so wedding decor was a bit of a challenge for me at the beginning. I sat with my mother and said that i want very plain and not over the top. We went to Fancy Functions in Mosselbay and wow i was blown away with all the ideas she gave me. Without saying what i had in mind she just got me and created magic. Nothing over the top flowers in different vases and sizes with some geometric cubes and fairy lights. Gold cutlery rounding of everything.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Groom: Navy suit with red picked stitches got it from amigos with brown aldo shoes.
Groomsmen: White shirt with navy chino pants.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

From the beginning i said to my bridesmaids that i want the colour dusty blue. I don't mind the style as long as it is long dresses. They got the dresses at Gelique Couture. Each of them chose the style that fit them the best. It end up looking stunning. Each of them showing their own personalty in the dress they had on.



At Gelique we believe that your bridesmaids should look stunning and feel gorgeous on your big day!

Marriage Officer

Ps Naas Vermaak from Crc George

My Captured Moments

Ruan Cowley was the photographer. From day one we met him, he made us feeling very comfortable infront of the camera. We loved working with him.

The Wedding Planner

Did not had a planner, but the lady at bottelierskop the village helped alot and always asked what she can do and where she can help.

Food & Cake

Bottelierskop did all the food and cake came from milla cakes in George.

Food & Cake

Bottelierskop did all the food and cake came from milla cakes in George.

Wedding Stationery

We did everything. From beginning to end.

The Reception and Entertainment

The reception was very intimate. We still did the first dance. Still remeber practicing in my mother in laws kitchen a week before the wedding. That was so fun and at the night everything went smooth and no falling on the ground (I was so afriad of that). The small reception was so special we could spent quality time with each guest at the wedding. We had a playlist playing in the back. So no DJ was needed at the wedding, because the first dance was the only dancing that happend at the wedding.

Wedding Services Used



At Gelique we believe that your bridesmaids should look stunning and feel gorgeous on your big day!