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Mareli Kotze

Married on Aug 8, 2020 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Since the day we met unto our wedding day, we knew our God has blessed our relationship and our road to our wedding.

We met on Easter weekend, year 2018. My house had no electricity, so I logged a complaint to the City of Cape Town, to fix the problem. Little did I know I was meeting my husband for the very first time. At first glance, I thought he was quiet, but extremely handsome. He fixed the electricity problem, or so he thought. The next morning I called again, due to my electricity going off in the middle of the morning. He arrived the morning and spent almost the whole day working at my house. At night he was finished, and I could see him taking forever to give me my invoice, and when he came he gave me his number instead, on a little piece of paper. From that day we started talking and an incredible relationship began. A few weeks past and I asked him why he took so long to give me his number the 2nd night, he said "I was praying to God to give me the courage and strength so that I could give you my number". What an incredible moment.

Through the years we had a lot of trials and tribulations, me going away for a year to an unknown environment for my Zuma year and when I got back we were separated again due to Covid.

BUT through Christ all things are possible. God turned all the disappointment of year 2020 and made the 2020 for us, the most memorable one to remember. I got to marry my best friend, my true love and. faithful partner.


There were so many extraordinary memories, but the ultimate highlight was when I was getting my hair and make-up done, my husband's best man showed up with my wedding gift. It was my bouquet with a locket and a picture of my father attached to the bouquet, with a letter; " I wanted your daddy to still walk with you down the aisle"...... I burst into tears. This was the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. As a young girl I have dreamt about my wedding day, and the 2nd most important part was to share my wedding day with my father! He was my first love, my everything. He passed away 3 years ago of cancer, so the thought of my future wedding day was always a happy one, except for the enormous void, my wedding without my father. So that moment and gift was absolutely the highlight of my day! The chance to still walk down the aisle with my father!

Also just before the ceremony started my husband and I lit my father's candle (we made a mini station next to my mom on the chapel bench - with a picture of my father, a candle and a letter I wrote to my father). This was also special because our song played, the song that would've played when the father-and-daughter dance was announced.

My brother walked me down the aisle. The moment just before entering the chapel, I heard someone crying, it was my brother. This was BIG because my brother isn't one to get so emotional. He was crying like a baby and all the way down the aisle I could only hear his sobs! My brother and I have an unbreakable bond. So to see my brother's face, filled with so much emotion was absolutely memorable and something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Some other memorable moments was of course seeing my future husband standing at the end of the aisle! The tears running down his face! We had our vows written down and this was so special. Just an amazing experience to share our love story with our friends and families, and to experience the absolute God given love between each other.

The Honeymoon


It was level 3, day 135 of Lockdown, so we couldn't cross borders. We went to Botrivier and stayed in the most incredible Firelily pod, at Kol-Kol for two nights. My husband and I have never gone to any destination so spectacular. It was absolutely amazing. No reception, fireplace burning 24/7 and a hot tub outside overlooking the greenery. Most idillic place!

Afterwards we took the route to wildernis and stayed 2 nights at Nima Lodge! Absolutely breathtaking- in the forest surrounding wildernis nature reserve and waterfalls! The first morning we were there, we drank coffee outside with the mountains full of snow. It was gorgeous. It was one of the best experiences we have ever had.

The honeymoon was short, but incredible to spend alone time after the stress of Covid and planning a wedding during this time.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I was going for the natural look for hair and make-up, minimal make-up with loose curls, the way my husband has come to know me. One thing my husband asked and begged me before the wedding was that he would like to recognise my face when the veil comes off, he would rather want my natural beauty shine through. The first words that he said when I saw him al the alter, was that my make up and hair looked perfect! My hair and make-up was done by @leeannemua! The most talented make-up artist in Cape Town!

My wedding dress i bought at Wedding Boutique, Cape Town. I loved the back and train! I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it. It was tasteful, elegant and sexy at the same time.

Shoes I bought at shoerama, I drove through the whole Cape Town looking for the perfect white shoes to match my dress, with a small heal because I am already so tall. Shoerama was my last stop after 2 weeks of searching, and it fit perfectly. Plain white shoe.

Jewellery I bought at Bride & Co at Canalwalk and all my lingerie at Bra's and Things in Tygervalley.

The Venue

We initially would have gotten married on a farm in Hermon, but Meerendal Wine Estate came to the rescue and was so accommodative that our wedding could take place there. The ceremony was in the chapel and the reception in their private restaurant area.

The guests could not stay over due to Covid, but the evening before the wedding my mom and I stayed at Meerendal's Hotel, with my brother and his girlfriend in another room.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

The only bridal beauty regime that took place was Health & Fitness, I trained every day for 3 months, twice a day. And my mom spoiled us to getting a manicure for my wedding day at Sorbet.

Wedding Elements

The decor was absolutely simplistic and warm, yet feminine. We hired everything from @Tonnet's in Paarl and my husband drove all the decor to the venue the day before. The decor was mostly candles of all sizes in lanterns, with fairly lights outside, painted wooden signs we did ourselves and roses. Very simplistic and elegant.

For the flowers our wedding colour was lavender and pink. I only wanted roses and baby breaths for my wedding, and my sister in law did my flower arrangements for the wedding.

Wedding Elements

The decor was absolutely simplistic and warm, yet feminine. We hired it all from @Tonnet's in Paarl and my husband drove all the decor to the venue the day before. The decor was mostly candles of all sizes and lanterns, with fairly lights outside, to create a romantic atmosphere. Very simplistic and elegant.

For the flowers our wedding colour was lavender and pink. I only wanted roses and baby breath flowers for my wedding, and my sister in law did my flower arrangements for the wedding.

Marriage Officer

The best pastor; Ewald van Schalkwyk! He did an amazing sermon sharing how great God's love is and how a wife and husband should love each other and grow together with the foundation build on Jesus Christ.

My Captured Moments

Jané Ulla Photography captured our special day and Katinka Productions took our wedding video! They made us feel so comfortable infront of the camera. My husband and I was so nervous for the photos beforehand, but once we started I happened so naturally, because off their professionalism and great personalities.

The Wedding Planner

My husband and I planned the whole wedding, and my mom was a HUGE help. She drove all over Cape Town with me and organised my one of a kind Drive by Bridalshower.

The Reception and Entertainment

We only knew we were still going to get married on our original date, three weeks before the wedding, therefore we didn't even know if we wil be able to have a dance, let alone a DJ! 2 days before the wedding my husband and I choreographed our own dance and my wonderful friend, @DJ Arries were our DJ for the evening, until curfew!

My husband and I did our own planning of decor and lightings! My mom, brother and 2 bridesmaids, and my husband's sister and brother-in law helped with setting up all the lights and decor, the day before the wedding.