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Gelomi Hodgson

Married on Aug 1, 2020 in Garden Route


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Magical Moments


There were so many special moments of this day....

Once the dress was on I could not wait to see my future husband, time had slowed down waiting for that moment to come, i was sure I was ready at least 2 hours before the time, due to nerves.

I remember walking down the aisle so nervous and shaking, I nearly ran head first into the pastor but looking up at him holding my tears back ,I saw him smile and signal for me to slow down.
Seeing my husband smile at me and blush, my heart relaxed for a moment. I remember not really seeing my guests (who also had masks on) but jumping for joy seeing the faces on a small laptop of my family and best friend who were not allowed to travel for the wedding, just smiling and waving at me.

My best moment of the day was standing alone on the beach with my husband and looking into his eyes, thinking finally we made it after 13 years of loving each other, but being too stubborn to admit it, and realizing we have many more years together.

The Honeymoon


During lockdown we could not find a place close by to spend our first night together, restrictions did not allow us to.
However we were so blessed and got a 3 nights stay at Teniqua Treetops in the Garden route. The host made it so special and what an experience, to be high up in the forest with the birds visiting us every morning, and the walks along the river made it feel like a fairytale.
We were once again blessed with a second Honeymoon compliments of my employer (Simon). A 2 night stay at the Barringtons small hotel in Plettenberg Bay. What a stunning place , hosting a beautifully modern suite with a restaurant and their own huge garden, definitely a luxiourious experience. Unfortunately due to covid 19 , it was only allowed when we had lighter restriction's in December.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

The wedding dress I wanted was meant to be very Boho but no designers wanted to take a risk with COVID, so we settled for the small shops in George. Even though we had a limited budget we mananged to find one similar to the one I really wanted.(Thank you mommy).

My hair, I did myself, along with my makeup. I am not a stelleto girl so the sneakers were perfect- my husband especially got a kick out of it due to his love for skateboading.
As for jewelery, the necklace was a gift from my husband many years ago, since the day he bought it for me it has never been removed, and my earrings where my mothers that she wore on her wedding.

My friend and photographer,Jono Endres had to help fix my makeup and was a great help in calming my nerves and made me more ready for the day, shouting '"gorgeous!"" every few minutes.

We could not take the guests to the beach but we had to get some photos of us in the water and me barefoot in the sand and sea.

We did not have a reception due to gatherings being illegal but we had the parents, and siblings at home where the table was set . My sister in law spent endless nights on the desserts and my beautiful wedding cake. My husband and I are still very much like kids, she put a bit of me and Chaz (husband) into that cake, the Mermaid and Tarzan as they call us.. Making cakes are her passion she does not make them for a career but she definitely should!

My dream was to have a beach wedding and as we could not do this , I brought the sea with me and made my own bouquet out of shells, adding some bling to it. My family made all the wood decor and thank you gifts from their years of collecting jars and shells, this made my Boho/beach wedding very real.

With my family and my husbands family helping us with all the details, all we had to do was show up, this made our day very special..

The Venue

The Prespatarian church in George

Wedding Elements

Glass jars with candles, pine cones with ribbons and ivy made up the decor in the church.

Marriage Officer

Rod Anderson

My Captured Moments

Jono Endress