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Marissa Dowrie

Married on Jul 4, 2020 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


We met at church in 2016 and i asked him to move a few tables for me..he thought i was quite bossy.. giggles.. i then enrolled at college to do my honours in theology and there he was in his final year. We spent many praying together and i shared my testimony with him about Gods grace in my own life. I knew he was the one!! We spent 7months getting to know one another and on the 3rd of July 2017 he asked for my hand in courtship. It has been the most beautiful love story as we carried on looking to God as we journeyed together. Its was on the 30th of March this year that my entire family gathered at Moyo Blouberg and proposed in my Pinterest dream proposal. Our story has been one of Gods grace and endless mercy.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Adrian had been planning our proposal for months apparently. He set up secret dates with my sister and my mom... they had it all worked out. We were to go to Saldanha for a family weekend as Adrian was " away" at a youth camp. As we drove toward the westcoast we stopped at eden on the bay- and my mom said we should grab some breakfast. As we walked we went to Moyo and my sister called me outside and said she'd like to talk to me. We walked toward the green patch and our families were gathered there. We were supposedly celebrating his cousins new car and his aunts 10 year service. We played some ice breakers and then everyone had to line up. Everyone except me. It was then that he handed everyone a balloon of different shades (i was a visual stylist at Woolworths so i love colour ways) and i had to put the balloons in the correct order. I did!!! And then i had to turn them around... it was the greatest moment for me... it said " will you marry me" and the last three balloons spelt yes... not too sure what he would've done if i said no

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