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Vivian Hanekom

Married on Jun 6, 2020 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


"à Notre avenue" - To our Future (French).

Every woman dreams about her wedding day. When my time came to dream and plan, not even the pandemic could hold down my excitement. It was more different than I could ever imagine. My dad could not walk me down the aisle. The provinces were closed down. My favourite family and friend only attended in our hearts.

The day was incredibly special and even though we were only a hand full our hearts were over flowing with happiness.

My husband and I both grew up on farms and dreamt about a farm wedding. Whether it takes place in the Karoo or in the Cederberg. Our biggest dream came true. Nature opened its arms and welcomed us to her reception. Our dance floor had only two people and through the dust my newly wed husband was the only dancer who danced his love dance for me.

Beautiful moments flood my mind as I see tears of joy and happiness welling up in my husband's eyes, as he expressed his over whelming admiration of my beauty.

Standing before the pastor all that mattered was our promises before the Lord. Embracing, now my husband was one of the most important changes in my life: I am now his wife. He is my forever husband.

There were still beautiful moments being called 'donkiekardrywer' (donkey cart driver) my barefooted groom felt at home with the donkey called 'Huwelik' (Marriage) that invited himself casually to be part of our photoshoot.

Moments forever treasured in my heart.

The Honeymoon


Lock down, was the honey we shared in our wooden cabin, under the starry sky and a bright moon.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Wedding Look: Traditionally, a elegant wedding dress. It was a simple wedding dress with an open back. ~ Made by my mother in law and Susan Louw
Hair: Belamè's hair studio in Citrusdal
Make Up: Sister in law Natasha Hunter
Shoes: Strassberger Clanwilliam
Brides Ring: Still a mystery
Grooms Ring: Made by himself

The Venue

We got married at Boskloof Swemgat outside Clanwilliam, between the autumn leaves.
Yes, my guests stayed the night, in two of the beautiful cottages next to the river.


My Bridal Beauty Regime

I didn't change much or even anything, I didn't change my eating habit or sleep habits, I also didn't do any exercises. I went for one spa- and face treatment at Lorinda- Health and Skin care therapy. I also used AP-24 whitening fluoride Toothpaste to get the white shade back on my teeth and I changed my faces products.

Wedding Elements

My husband is from the Cederberg and I came from the Karoo we decided to have a wedding outside on the grass between the flowers, so we did not have a fixed color, we had different types of flowers and natural colours.

We got married outside under a beautiful big old tree, our decorations on the table were glass vases with water and juice, elegant glasses and flowers.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband, he wore chino pants with a plain white collar shirt, his shoes was from Strassbergers Clanwilliam a pair of 'vellies', he didn't have them on for long he loves walking barefoot, but the most beautiful part of after the ceremony was when he had the ring he made himself on his finger, due to the pandemic we couldn't find a ring for him.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Because of the pandemic I couldn't use my bridesmaids or my flower girls, but when everything is stable and a little normal we will have a other reception were we renew our vows.

Marriage Officer

Our marriage officer was Past. Jan Oosthuizen.
Our ceremony was short and sweet with the most touching message.

My Captured Moments

We just had a photographer and decided on 'Nessa Photography'. The beautiful lady behind it is Hesmarie Nel.

She also once did a shoot for us and we loved it to work with her, we were comfortable and relaxed with her taking our photo's, everything just came natural with her being around!

We had a great time having Nessa there to capture our special moments.

She is both friendly and always willing to assist.

Wedding Transport

We did not have transport, because everything was at one location. The chapel, reception and accommodation were all walking distance from each other.

Food & Cake

We didn't really have an reception, so we asked Salomé from Grapevine in Citrusdal (022 921 2190) to make us some delicious platters and the our neighbor made us an absolutely beautiful cheese cake. The evening all of us had a nice barbeque together.

Wedding Stationery

The shops were all closed so we decided to go without it.