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Shanet Van Niekerk

Married on Jun 26, 2020 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


We met through a friend of his. Exchanged numbers and started to chat. When we met for the 1st time, I was totally over the moon, he looked so handsome, so sexy. We've shared each others life stories and past and accepted each other regardless of that. I were scared he was going to walk away from me after I've told him I have 3 daughters from a previous marriage. But he turned and said, the more girls for me to love then. Gives me reason not to be selfish with my love only on you, I have to devide it in 4 then. And he totally loves me and my girls. His everything I've ever wanted and more in a man. I really really would love to win this competition to have an unforgettable day with the love of my life.

Tell us all about the proposal.


He didn't actually propose to me. He asked all 3 of my girls individually how they feel about him, another man in their mom's life, do they accept him and the relationship. You know, he just made it sound and look randomly. Lastly he asked them how they would feel if we get married one day, when all of them answered positively back, he turned to me and said:"Well my love, there you have it. They said yes, how do you feel when I pop the question one day?" After I said I would say yes, he pulled out this beautiful ring and went on his knees and asked me right there infront of my daughters to marry him

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