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malisa van der mescht

Married on Mar 21, 2020 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


We met by luck.. haha . Myself and a friend of mine rented a house together in Lydenburg (Mpumalanga) and with the house warming when we moved in, she invited friends of hers. Francois was one of her friends. We did not like each other at first. Haha , but I thing we only played hard to get.

Tell us all about the proposal.


I did not know a thing. At the time he was staying in Steelpoort (Limpopo) and I was staying in Lydenburg ( Mpumalanga). He said I must meet him at his mother work. She was working at a restaurant as a manager in Steelpoort and I must be there at 7:00pm. I did not think anything of it. When I got there, he took me to a table out side that was made up the flowers , a snack platter, shampane, like dinner for two. It looked amazing, still I had no idea. I thought “ahhh, this is a nice romantic dinner just for the two of us.” We spent taking and I know I kept on asking him, what is this for, and he kept on saying, cause I love you and I just want to show it to you. When the desert came it was 2 cupcakes with the most sparkling glitter on. Then looking closely I saw the ring, and started to cry. I could not get a word out. He went down on one knee and ask if I will marry him, I was so shocked that I did not hear a word he was saying after that, ha-ha. I just saw his mom , and sister standing around with cameras, and my first though was, o no now I am crying on a video. Ha-ha . and there was a table not far from us with clients of mine, that was cheering in the background. Then I just hear from his side “And,,,?” Ha-ha and I replayed , “and what?” Ha-ha, You should have seen his face,, ha-ha, The other table at the back you just hear going quiet. Then I said to him, ,with a laugh,” yes I will”. He said he was warried that I would not have said yes, or that I would take a bite out of the cupcake and not see the ring. Ha-ha-ha. The evening and everything that evening was just a big dream.

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