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Lee Moteetee-Murendo

Married on Mar 14, 2020 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


The entire day was insane! It went by so quickly, but I tried to savor every moment. I arrived and went straight into a quick briefing with my photographers and coordinator - bear in mind I was my own planner! It was hard letting go and letting other people get stuff done, but it was my day so YEET! I realised very quickly that my first mistake was to request alcohol-free champagne for me and my squad, because an hour into hair and make-up, our nerves were shot! Luckily, hubby had a bottle of Jager on his person and I managed to acquire it :D Within what felt like seconds, everyone had their hair and make-up done, I was slithering into my dress and I could here music coming from my chapel already.
I had a big reveal for my bridal party - they had not seen my dress :) My dad and brothers were to walk me down the isle, and boy were they shook when they saw me.

Walking down the isle was crazy. My dad and I held hands and steadied each other, the one time I looked up at my husband he was balling his eyes out, leaning on his best man to stay up-right. My dad felt me tremble and told me to keep my eyes ahead and just keep breathing! Before I knew it, we were walking out the chapel getting pelted with flower petal, cheers and joy emulating from our loved ones.

It was a fairy tale. As an event coordinator, I've never seen a slicker event than my wedding :)

The Honeymoon


COVID-19!!! What a bummer. Our honeymoon to Swakopmund Namibia had to be postponed indefinitely as borders were closed a few days after our wedding day.

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My Special Day

I went classic with my look. My dress was an ivory high neck, fit-and-flair satin dream! Business in the front, party in the back. The dress was low cut at the back with classy buttons going down the back. On top of that was a detachable bow tail, adding all of the drama! This gem was created for my by Bridal Alchemy. I've had my natural afro for 6 years - longer than I knew my babe. So I went for something completely different. I had it chemically straightened, cut and styled into a dramatic bob by Ephraim at Ephie's clip & Style. My make-up was light and heavenly, my old primary school friend had this covered: Makeup by Talisa. My shoes and veil were easy - I opted to go for something classic and inexpensive. For the chapel, I wore a glass-look thick heel sandal with a glittery broach on the top, and I went for a classic white pair of Vans for the rest of the event :)

Lingerie was easy! I'm a curvy girl and the go-to is always Sangfroid. When my grandfather passed away when I was 10 years old, he left me a pearl necklace. I promised to only wear it on my wedding day - and I did. This was the only jewellery I wore.

Let us not forget my SECOND dress. The pièce de résistance. This was a skinny strap low front mermaid dress created by Shoeshoe material selected by my mom and aunts. This same divine blue material was used to make all the second dresses worn by the women in my family, it was a sea of blue on the dance-floor like no other. This was also done by Bridal Alchemy.

The Venue

We got Married at Makiti Wedding venue in the Cradle of Human Kind. We selected the Ballroom venue specifically because of the beautiful earth tones and fairy lights on the ceiling. Makiti boasts accommodation for almost 100 people - and that is how many of my guests stayed over :)

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Not much! I was too busy running around getting everything perfect. But I did get a wonderful mani and pedi at the Beauty Box :) Teeth are good and skin is perfect as it is, so I was good to go!

Wedding Elements

I was inspired by traditional Indian weddings. The bright colours and warmth led me to select bold colours and floral arrangements. My primary colour was cerise, with orange and purple being my secondary colours, and gold my chosen metal.
Everyone thought it sounded crazy but you can't argue with an artist. The pictures speak for themselves :)
The venue provided the flowers I wanted, the chairs, tables, center pieces and gold under-plates. Ask for Ananda - its just so much easier when the venue can supply a lot of what is on your list. I did however have to bring in my own LED lights for the hanging vases - I got this from Mr. Price Home. I also needed to bring in my own Table cloths as I wanted such a specific colour; this was brought in from The Tablecloth Company. Lastly, my cake stand and cutter were secured from Party Solutions.
I coordinated all this myself with the help from the venue to do all the heavy lifting :)

My Groom And His Groomsmen

ORIENTAL PLAZA. Need I say more?? They got their suits and shoes from there, and always brought back the best samoosas after fittings :)

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