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Courtney Little

Married on Mar 21, 2020 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


Six nights before our wedding day, our president declared a national state of emergency, restrictions were put in place and we started watching all our wedding plans, which had been meticulously crafted for over a year, fall apart.
The week leading up to our wedding was like a bad nightmare and something that I would not wish on any bride, groom or even worst enemy. Special friends and family were fearful and sadly, many had to decline our invite a few days before. Our groomsman could no longer attend as he lives in the UK. My childhood friend who came all the way from Australia had to fly home immediately. Some other special friends flying in from other countries could no longer attend either. We waited in anticipation to see if my brother would manage to escape Socotra in time to be by our side. The woman who was meant to coordinate on the day fell sick so did not make it. Yes, friends and family ran the entire wedding at the last minute. Our photographer and the band did not think they could make it until the last moment. Honeymoon in Mozambique…ha! Forget it! Then, “someone” called our venue and tried to shut our wedding down as they assumed that we were over 100 people.
“Go with the flow’ and “What will be, will be” became my new mantra to get through the week. I was determined to stay positive, to not become bridezilla and to make the most of our extremely unusual situation. I tried to laugh whenever I got more bad news, instead of cry. Even three days before, we had people suggesting that we postpone our wedding despite the fact that we would lose all the money paid to the venue, caterer, musicians, etc. Wow…Such turmoil!
The night before the wedding, there was an enormous storm and it even hailed yet we did not flinch. Rain on our day would be the least of our problems! How funny that, 2 weeks before the wedding my main concern was that the bridesmaid’s dresses were not exactly what I wanted.
Even whilst getting my wedding makeup done I was still convinced that something more would happen to prevent us from saying our vows, but against all odds we finally said “I Do” and had the most incredible day of our lives! What a wedding it was!
Walking down the isle on daddys arm in the most beautiful forest filled with the people we love most, to the sound of our favourite song being played on a white piano that we had refurbished and making eye contact with the man that I have dreamed of my whole life made everything that we had experinced the week before, simply disappear.
I am so grateful that we managed to make our day happen and that most of our people were by our side. There were so many wonderful highlights...singing at the alter to my husband, a hysterical sack race with the men, a hula hoop competition with the ladies, and even a live band.

To the all the brides who have had to postpone their weddings this year… I really do feel for you! It is heart breaking. Stay strong and keep focus of why you are having a wedding. To be married to your human! Forget the perfect cake, the perfect dress, the perfect food, the perfect weather and everything else and remember that the things that go wrong are the stories that you will laugh at and tell for years to come!

The Honeymoon


Sadly, due to lockdown, we didnt have a honeymoon. Instead we have had a "quaramoon" at home. We have absolutely made the most of this very special quality time.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I wanted to be as "me" as possible. I also wanted to make use of and promote local talent in our area.
My look was bohemian, yet bold.
I designed my own wedding dress and veil and chose all the material. It was made by Shona's Wedding collection.
I did my own hair and wore a dainty flower crown made by Florist and Fern.
My make up was smokey eye with red, bold lips, done by Tamlyn Artistry.
My earings were tear drop, tassled and bohemian from an online store (I dont remember where from).
My shoes were from Forever New (and contributed to my something new)
I did a beautiful boudoir shoot in my white lingerie from H&M but wore baby blue as a surprise for my husband. (something blue)
My garter had a broach pinned on from my Christening as a baby. (something old)
My bracelet was given to me as a baby and had been in the safe until my wedding day.
My purse was borrowed from my little sister (something borrowed)

The Venue

Summerhill Functions in New Hanover. A rather new venue on a big beautiful farm with a stunning forest. It involved much DIY. My dad made big wooden doors and they kindly put it in the forest so that I would feel like I was walking into a church. Some of our guests stayed the night in the converted horse stables and pig sties!

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I continued to eat well and exercise daily. On the Monday, I had my gel pedi and meni with a french look with my mother and my sister. I went for a facial on the Tuesday. On the Wednesday my husband and I went for a well deserved couples massage. On the Thursday I went for a spray tan. On the Friday, our bridesmaids and groomsmen drove up to the venue with us to start setting up. We had a braai and tried a rehearsal with many laughs in between.
Sadly, it was such a stressful week, with the national state of emergency, with guests declining, with school assessments and reports due (I am a teacher/ musician) that my skin looked very tired and broke out. Luckily Tamlyn Artistry managed to hide the stress with much concealer!

Wedding Elements

Everything was done by friends and family. We made the table flower arrangements on the Friday night with pennygyum. The table numbers were empty bottles of wine covered with hessian and with babies breath. The place mats were wood slices. Each seat had a CD on it designed, cut, folded, etc by us for guests to keep. The table names were little names printed on brown cardboard and stuck on pinecones. Red candles and fairy light were on each table amoungst the pennygum. We hung TONS of fairy lights from the roof of the reception hall (called the cowshed).
We had a newspaper for each guest as an order of the day. (all made, designed, printed, etc by us).
We spent many hours making dream catchers and origami swans to hand from arches leading to the forest. The seating plan was white painted pots with purple flowers placed on a ladder. (Again, made by us)
The dreamcatchers at the alter were incredible...the inside crocheted by a work collegue and the the hoop with rope glued around and rope hanging done by us. All the games were made by family, from a hit the nail game, to toss the ball at the tins. We had giant jenga and an amazing Gin Bar! We had a guitar for guests to sign their "autograph" and cards for them to write their advice and wishes.
Our cake was made by our friend. Our confetti was in cones and also made by a friend.
Photos of people that we had loved and lost were framed and hung from trees. Our band, No Fly Zone, provided the sound and lighting. There are so many little details that its hard to list them all. Our chairs, haybale covers, crockery, etc was hire from EbyA.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom got his shirt, bowtie and braces from HIS Apparel. Pants and shoes were from Woolworths.
The groomsemen were told to wear a white shirt, beige pants and brown shoes. We provided them with braces bought from China Mall and bowties made from Shonas wedding collection. (The bow ties were the second lot as the first lot were another disaster ;))

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Our bridemaids wore behomeian style, burgandy, wrap dresses made by Shonas Wedding Collection. Their 3 piece nacklaces were from H&M and they were free to wear any beige shoe. We wanted to keep things unique and find "art" in the different shoe choices.

Marriage Officer

We got "married" at home affairs the month before as we wanted out friend to marry us on the day and he is not an official wedding officiant. We wanted someone who knew us and our relationship so that he could truly speak from the heart.

My Captured Moments

My cousin flew in from Cape Town to be our wedding photographer. It was her first wedding and she did the most incredible job! Her page is Jeanne-Marie Gomes Photography. (jmgomesphotography). We were not going to have a videographer as we couldnt afford it but luckily (and very kindly) one of the mothers of a child that I teach offered to video our wedding. We are still waiting for the end result! Her name is Clair Classens.

The Wedding Planner

Not at all. The lady who was meant to coordinate fell sick a few days before. Every single thing was done by our family and friends.

Wedding Transport


Food & Cake

We had lamb on the spit by Spitz Unlimited.
Our beautiful cake was made by our friend, Lauren Rendilheiro. (Not an expert, just a lovely favour, but it was exquisite)

Wedding Stationery

All designed by us with a little help from a friend who studied design. Printed by The Print Room. Everything else done by us.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our friend, Lauren, who made our cake also taught us our dance!
We had a musician, Tanner Wareham, play the piano for the ceremony and lead everyone in song to "What a wonderful world". It was so special especially considering the state of the world at the time. He also sang at canapes. Our band at reception was No Fly Zone. Our brothers were our flower girls (with my sister and our mothers) as well as our MCs.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our friend, Lauren, who made our cake also taught us our dance!
We had a musician, Tanner Wareham, play the piano for the ceremony and lead everyone in song to "What a wonderful world". It was so special especially considering the state of the world at the time. He also sang at canapes. Our band at reception was No Fly Zone. Our brothers were our flower girls (with my sister and our mothers) as well as our MCs.