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Anja Piek

Married on Mar 23, 2020 in Gauteng

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Magical Moments


Our wedding was absolutely fantastic for the time it was planned in. We were due to get married the 4th of April 2020, but due to the nationwide lockdown, we decided to get married the 26th of March, the evening before lockdown. This gave us two days to plan the wedding.

We had to cancel all the plans we have already made and start from scratch as almost no one could help us at such short notice.

Sadly, this meant that not everyone could be at the wedding either. Out of the 4 bridesmaids, I had only 2.
Out of the 140 guests we ended with about 30.

Be this as it may, my favorite part of the day was spending the morning with a cousin I have not heard from in 4 years, getting a facial with my mom, grandma, cousin and sister, and of course saying the I Do's.

I am not really someone that loves the spotlight, but it did make me happy to see how happy the wedding made my family, particularly my mom, who put in everything to make it as special as possible in such a short timespan

The Honeymoon


We unfortunately could not go on our honeymoon, due to the lockdown It was planned for two glorious weeks in Knysna, from 6 April - 17 April.

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