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Sashkia Edwards

Married on Feb 22, 2020 in Northern Cape


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Magical Moments


The whole day was literally such a magical day. More that I every could have imagined. Me and my girls slept over at the venue the Friday night. Woke up early Saturday morning, the make up and hair girls arrived. Very excited we got everyones hair and make up done. Took photos of me and the girls. And very quickly 4 o'clock came and it was time for us to go. I had 2 flowergirls (my little nieces) who walked first, followed by 3 bridesmaid, they all walked in on the instrumental version of Perfect. Then came me and my dad, tradionally walked in on the wedding march. As we got to the chapel it started to rain a little with the sun shining through (the biggest blessing of course). After the ceremony we went to take pictures, sun shining through the clouds, got the most beautiful photos because of it.

Then came the reception, us as newly weds walked in on a very special song 'Beautiful drug by' with an accompaning smoke and light effect.

Speeches and everything went very well and even played the shoe game.

When it came to dancing, my husband and his mother danced, then me and my dad. After that my dad handed me over to my husband. When it was our first dance, all of the guests gathered around us in a big circle, each of them had a sparkler and a lighter. As soon as our song started everyone lighted their sparklers, our DJ made a smoke cloud effect on the ground. It was the most beautiful /magical day and night of my life.

The Honeymoon


We were supposed to go to Mauritius on the 22nd of March. But then Corona happened and we had to cancel our flights.

We decided to still make the best of our "honeymoon time" and booked a getaway week in the Drakensberg. As we were about to leave for this amazing time off the president announced the 21 lock down period and we lost that "getaway" time as well.

Hopefully we get to change our flights and still go to Mauritius when this whole thing is over.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding dress
It was an A-line dress with a slit on the left leg. The top piece was lace with little pearls bead to it. Cups inside so no stress over a bra. The back was open and came together on my lower back with a zip and 3 little buttons. Very comfortable whole night in it.

White, open and with straps.

Soft, white panty.

My hair
My hair was a up do. Blond curls and braids turned into flowers. Pinned up into a very curly upstyled look.

Make up
Was a very soft/ natural look. Made use of brown/burgundy eyeshadow and a soft brown/tan/nude lip.

Was my something old. I borrowed a friend of mines mom vintage small pearl earrings and small pearl bracelet.

The Venue

We got married in Kimberley at Kalahari Lodge.

Some of our guests who drove far stayed over at the venue. They have more than enough room to accommodate all of your guests.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I don't struggle with my skin, so it wasn't necessary to do so much prepping before our wedding.

I've been exercising since I was in high school, so that wasn't too much of a hassle for me, I just kept at it and even more so before the wedding. Also following a Herbalife lifestyle, so that was the best choice I could've made for myself and my health.

I went for 6 sunbed sessions.

I just went for a massage 2 days before the wedding to just relax.

Wedding Elements

My colour scheme was rosegold, burgundy and navy.

So we tried to incorporate all the colours into our decor. The flowers was mostly white and burgundy.

The tables center pieces was made up out of rosegold elements, white chip flowers and green dessert roses. With a wooden underplate.

We used the 2 colours, burgundy and navy for the tables. Each person had a rosegold underplate with the corresponding table 'colour' lint around the wine glass.

Our DJ made use of his uplights around the reception to bring the rosegold effect back. Also had laser lights, strobe lights and alot of smoke effects during the night and also with our first dance he made the 'walking on the cloud' effect.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a navy suite with a blue'ish shirt underneath and a burgundy tie. Also wore his tan beld and vellies.

The groomsmen wore navy pants, blue'ish shirt with burgundy bow ties. Also wore tan belds and vellies.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids wore long burgundy dresses. Off shoulder piece with a slit on the left leg.

Marriage Officer

Edwin Clarke

My Captured Moments

Photographers and videographers was Rieg & AD Photography and Deon Nel.

THE BEST IN WHAT THEY DO. They made us feel so comfortable the whole time. Made us feel so relaxed and calm. Also made for the best photos. They are so enthusiastic about what they do and really get out of their way. All the way from Jeffreys Bay, drove 800kms for our wedding.

The Wedding Planner

My planner was my aunt. She is a professional when it comes to decor and planning. Also love being creative and thinking out of the box, also in a very costly manner. So had to be her.

Wedding Transport

No transport. We got dressed at the venue so there was no need for transport.

Food & Cake

The venue prepared the food. We had. The dressert was cheesecake and ice-cream.

The cake was made by Geraldine Victor. The most amazing cake I had in a very long time. We just had a normal single layer chocolate cake, just for the cutting. It was decorated by 4 wine glasses that was putted upside down, mirror glass on top of it, wooden underplate and then the cake on top. Looked beautiful.

Wedding Stationery

I made my own itinerary, menu, sparkler notes, etc.

Franic made our welcome board and envelope box.

Also made arrows out of pallets which I painted to show the direction to the guests.

The Reception and Entertainment

No dance lessons.

Me and my hubby LOVEEEE to dance, so we have dance 'lessons' all the time!! Each opportunity we get we love to dance and it was just so much more special when we had our first dance.

The DJ was DJ Ertjies, also my dad. He have such a passion for what he does.

He made use of his uplights around the room. Also alot of lacer lights and strobe lights.

For our entrance into the reception he blew smoke up on both sides of us and with a light effect.

He also made use of his low fog machine to make a cloud effect for our first dance.

The music was definitely a party starter and the people never wanted to go home after that.