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Lerato Pamela

Married on Feb 21, 2020 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


It al started in 2011 after the death of my mother,I was in matric going through a phase ,I remember always going to my friends place to visit. I then as per usual visited my friend after a trip to meet my dad in Swaziland I had mixed emotions as it was the first time after almost 15years meeting my dad. We were invited to attend a function ,honestly I wasn't in the mood to party,but we went anyway,when we got there we hooked up with a bunch of guys we chilled together and during that moment I was extremely quiet,only to find that one person noticed my silence,he came to sit by my side, and there he was my now fiance,he introduced himself and asked why I was soo quiet,didn't explain much but eventually we got to talking,I found myself laughing and forgetting all my troubles we spoke until midnight and it was time to leave we exchanged numbers and since that day we have been more best friends than we are lovers, we are inseparable. My fiance is 4years older than me at the time I was 18 years old, my friend thought he was really old but that didn't stop us from hooking up ,until the 12 October 2011 we decide we should just date. 5months within the relationship I got pregnant friends and family rejected me and he said to me "il be with you forever, I'll hold your hand ,we will go through everything together "and 8years later he is still here planning our wedding with two kids.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Just to put it out there we are black and as you know our culture only recognizes proposal with Lobola. My fiance and I moved in together 2015 before he even paid lobola,i was going though the most difficult situation with family and he couldn't cope with me always crying, he suggested i move in with him at his grandmother's house. We stayed in a backroom no TV, he was still in training earning R3000,we had a 3years old daughter who attended creche and I worked but wasn't earning much to maintain a household . We stayed together up until he was permanently employed at his place of work and that year 2016 her said in gonna save to marry you,I thought he was just saying I mean which guy wants to marry a girl whose already giving him wife benefits for free,he secretly saved money and in November he spoke to his family to send a letter to my house to arrange lobola negotiations, all that was settled in December 2016 . Fast forward to 03 February 2017, that morning he dropped me off at work ,normally when he drops me off I take taxis after work but to my surprise that day I found him parked outside after work waiting for me. He asked where I'd love to have dinner we agreed on Life Grand Cafe at Mall of the South. He was so busy at the restaurant,one minute his cold and needs a jersey in the car and the next his on one knee with red roses and a ring asking the big question "Will you marry me" I didn't expect that I cried and was soo nervous, I said yes . And ever since that moment I don't regret saying yes ,cause that has made our lives much more beautiful. His my bestfriend, My strength and My pillar.

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