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Cherise Van Niekerk

Married on Feb 1, 2020 in North West Province


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Magical Moments


"Dela" - To be complete and Satisfied (Zulu).
Every girl fantasize about a magical wedding day as she grows up. This dream can only come true if shared with no other than her absolute soulmate by her side.

The night before the wedding was both memorable but heartbreaking. It was the first night in 8 months that I had to spend apart from my husband-to-be. I treasured my last night as a single lady in the comfort of my childhood home with two of my bridesmaids, my brother and both my parents, while my husband had a few beers and a braai with his groomsmen and the MC's. I was so excited for the next day I couldn't sleep.

The morning was filled with laughter, gin and all the ladies I hold dear to my heart.We had music in the honeymoon suite as we all got ready for the big day. A memorable moment was when my mom helped me into my dress. I couldn't wait for my dad to see me! As the tears filled his eyes I knew he was not only proud, but happy that my husband-to-be would continue to treasure his little girl and treat her like a princess.

The moment I walked into the church my dream came true. Although we chose songs that portrayed our 6 year journey, I kept my wedding march a secret. "There will be time" started playing and in that moment I not only felt like a queen, I could see "my man" filled with an explosion of emotions. Tears filled his eyes, proud of the woman walking towards him. In that moment I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world, blessed and irrevocably in love.

The Honeymoon


As I was mostly in charge of planning the wedding, my husband took up the challenge of planning a memorable honeymoon. He surprised me with a 14-day garden route trip. It was my very first time experiencing Cape Town. Our accommodation was extraordinary in all the different cities. We participated in numerous wine tastings, explored the Cango Caves and visit multiple local farms. We ended our Journey in Jeffrey's Bay, the purpose of the last three days being the opportunity to visit my grandparents, as they had been unable to attend the wedding due to illness. He succeeded in planning the best holiday of our lives!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

I had the most beautiful lace A-line dress from Bridal Wardrobe. I decided to go for a messy bun as it reflects my personality the most accurately. I had my make-up done by a dear friend - Andelien Steyn Make-up Artistry. I chose high but comfortable Laretta wedge shoes form Superbalist, matching my bridesmaids' navy dresses. My husband was in charge of lingerie shopping. Let's just say he missed the memo of "white only" for the day. I chose to wear my pearl earings and bracelet that my parents bought me for my 21st birthday, due to the sentiment that they held.

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe is the leading stockist of all Enzoani Collections in South Africa and caters for the modern bride who wants to be at the forefront of the latest designer trends.

The Venue

We got married at Cussonia Crest in de Wildt. Not only does the venue have a beautiful chapel, we were surrounded by nature in all its glory. Our most beautiful pictures were taken on the mountain overlooking the beautiful city of Pretoria with Hartbeespoort Dam also visible in the distance.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

For the first time in my life a went for sunbed treatments to get that beach blonde skin tone for the day. I was also treated to a spa day by my mom and one bridesmaid a week before the wedding at Rosehaven Spa. We had an amazing and very relaxing day being treated like royalty.

Wedding Elements

Our florist understood me better than I ever thought imaginable. I wanted something rustic chic, simple, but also detailed. Fairy lights covered the thatch roof and a Bonsai was the signature wedding table piece.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom and groomsmen went for a semi-formal rustic look. They were dressed in white shirts, beige suit pants and Vellies. The groom stood out with his beige suit Jacket. The ring carrier (my youngest nephew) were dressed in the same style as the groomsmen.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids were the fairest of them all. I wanted to capture their different personalities, therefore I gave them the option to dress themselves. My only instructions being that the dress be navy coupled with nude shoes.

My Captured Moments

My husband is not fond of cameras. To get him to smile is a miracle. Our photographers, Hulle Media, made it possible for both of us to enjoy every single moment in front of the cameras. They allowed us to experience joy and laughter through props that they gave us. We totally forgot that they had been there. They did an amazing job allowing us to relax completely and take in all the special moments of our day.

The Reception and Entertainment

We opened the dance floor on a golden oldie - Can you feel the love tonight - from the first Lion King movie. The entire bridal party, including the MC's were instructed to follow us onto the dance floor on the second song - If I Ever Saw Heaven. Being surrounded by the people who helped us make this day memorable made me feel complete and satisfied ("Dela"). We partied all night even after the last rounds were called. Our day was filled with our loved ones, family and friends all around. I never could have imagined I would be so lucky as a little girl. We are definitely blessed with strong and amazing people in our lives.

Wedding Services Used

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe is the leading stockist of all Enzoani Collections in South Africa and caters for the modern bride who wants to be at the forefront of the latest designer trends.