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Tatum Dreyer

Married on Dec 18, 2020 in Western Cape


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Magical Moments


Our intimate wedding was all about our families. Riaan proposed in November 2020. We decided to plan our wedding in only 4 weeks so that my late father could be there with us on our special day. My father was able to make my lifelong dream come true of him walking me down the aisle and making me feel like a princess as he showed off his show stopping dance moves with me in our father daughter dance. There was not a dry eye in the room when my Dad and I took to the dance floor, it was the best dance I could have ever asked for.
A memory that will always stay so clear to me from my wedding day, was the beautiful live music being played by two of my best childhood friends, Kimberly Barnard and Alexandra Mills. Kim and Alex played guitar and sang as they covered songs that I selected to accompany the flower girls, bridesmaids and myself entering into chapel for the ceremony. The words of the song I chose for my own entrance meant so much to me, I get goosebumps just thinking about that moment.
Our wedding day was filled with so much joy and happiness. We danced the night away, or at least until lockdown curfew, almost felt a little bit like a Cinderella story when the clock struck 11pm.

The Honeymoon


We are still yet to go on honeymoon once COVID restrictions have calmed down. Riaan is surprising me :)

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

The most important thing to me when it came to what I wore on my wedding day, was to be comfortable and able to dance freely. I was able to exactly that! With only 4 weeks to plan our wedding, finding the right dress was quite stressful. My dress maker, Delphina, came to me like a guardian angel and was able to make me a beautiful dress in only 3 weeks and within budget. I love my dress and I wish that I could wear it more than just once.
My naturally curly hair is a feature that I am known for, which I embraced on my wedding day. I did my own hair and makeup; this is something I really enjoy doing. Getting ready on the day was not what one would expect, I was probably ready first and I enjoyed helping my bridesmaids with their makeup too. I borrowed my sister’s wedding shoes and kept my jewelry very simple. I wore a beautiful pair of tear drop Swarovski crystal earrings, a pre-wedding gift from my husband.

The Venue

Klein Bottelary Venue

Klein Bottelary

Klein Bottelary

We offer a gazebo for outdoor weddings (weather permitting). We also have a space in our cellar that can serve as a chapel. The church bell will not be ringing, but the origina...

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I am a very natural and simple gal when it comes to beauty. I am a Pilates instructor which keeps me naturally fit and healthy. I love the outdoors which allows me to keep a natural glowing tan, luckily our wedding was in December so it was easy to keep a tan. My Mom and eldest sister took me to have my nails done at Sorbet Stellenbosch the day before the wedding, in between setting up at the venue.

Wedding Elements

I am very lucky to have an extremely talented mother when it comes to wedding décor and flowers. My Mom did all the flowers and decorations for our wedding, including the most beautiful bridal bouquets. We incorporated succulents from my Moms own garden into the flower arrangements and bouquets. The colour scheme was mint green and gold, we had a common theme of gold circular rings throughout the wedding. These circular rings representing eternal love. We hired beautiful lawn furniture from 'The O Company' for pre-drinks and photographs as well as a few items for the inside table decorations. My father envisioned a light carousel above the dance floor which we were able to accomplish using many fairy lights (with batteries), adding to such a magical evening.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Riaan and his groomsman wore Navy pants, white shirts and brown shoes from woolworths.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My sister who flew in from the UK brought the bridesmaids dresses with her, these were bought online in the UK. The bridesmaids wore neutral colour shoes of their choice and their look was completed with simple rose gold and gold hooped earrings.

Marriage Officer

Dominee Theo Swart

My Captured Moments

Tracey Tanner photography, the best photographer out there.

The Wedding Planner

Our wedding was a family team effort, mostly planned by my Mom and myself.

Food & Cake

The food was prepared by the venue, Klein Bottelary. The delicious wedding cake was made by Lucy Newton-foot.

Klein Bottelary

Klein Bottelary

We offer a gazebo for outdoor weddings (weather permitting). We also have a space in our cellar that can serve as a chapel. The church bell will not be ringing, but the origina...

Wedding Stationery

I designed and printed all the stationary myself.

The Reception and Entertainment

We entered our wedding receptions as Mr & Mrs Dreyer for the first time, into a room filled with love and excitement. We cut our delicious wedding cake right away and then took to the dance floor for our first dance. Riaan and I choreographed and learnt our first dance together at home in our living room, we practised in the gym a few times too. We had so much fun doing this together. I am so proud of Riaan as being on ‘stage’ is not something he enjoys, but he took my breathe away with how well we danced together that night. We compiled our own wedding playlist using Spotify and plugged this into a sound system supplied by the lovely Kimberly Barnard. We put a lot of thought and effort into our playlist and all the special moments came at just the right time. Especially the father daughter dance….Not a dry eye in the room as my Dad and I took to the floor to a very emotional song. But, true to my Dad’s style (and his costume change into a vibrant coloured waist coat just before our dance) we changed it up to an upbeat old school classic as he showed off both of our famous dance moves.

Wedding Services Used

Klein Bottelary

Klein Bottelary

We offer a gazebo for outdoor weddings (weather permitting). We also have a space in our cellar that can serve as a chapel. The church bell will not be ringing, but the origina...