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Sascha-lee Stander

Married on Dec 14, 2020 in Western Cape


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How did your love story begin?


In 2010 I worked at Dros Restuarant in Stellenbosch as a waitress, I just finished my shift and in waltz a group of guys. Last minute I had to serve their table and needed to take a fellow employees shift as personal circumstances arise.
Just after taking the tables order and feeling very annoyed at my situation.

In walks Paul, dressed in all black with piercing blue eyes. He jots himself down at the table and starts ordering. I was shocked no hello, no smile... I resumed trying to see the silver lining and cracked a joke and went on to tell him to smile a while and give his face a rest. It worked, he smiled and it made me feel so much happier knowing I made someones day. Paul and his group of friends stayed the whole night and got quite liquored up. At the end of the night he gave me his bank card and his code and asked me to tip myself. I felt so bad and could not take advantage of the situation even if I badly wanted those high heels I had been saving for weeks on. At the end of the evening he waited for my lift with me outside and even stole a kiss. I didn't have a phone so I could not give him a number and left abruptly.

For two weeks after he kept on missing my shifts and popped in at Dros trying to get my number :) eventually I gave him my mom's phone number and we went on our very first date. It was magical. We talked the whole night away and fell in-love hard. We even found out that there is definitely a thing called destiny as we met a year prior at his cousins party where I did face-painting. After I was done working a guy kept me company at my side table the whole night and I never even imagined it was Paul back then. On our first date we found out how destiny truly works and we are stronger then ever today. We are best friends first before anything else. He is my heart.

Tell us all about the proposal.


Our proposal date was as magical as the day we first met, Paul cannot hide anything from me I think it's just a part of being a woman, we tend to want to know everything so trying to surprise us is harder to do:)

One morning in December he woke me up and said; baby get ready for a hike of your life. I was excited, I love scenery and taking long walks. call me a old school romantic.

I got dressed hair in a ponytail with no makeup and my active wear. Ready to go I screamed from the kitchen!...
He looks at me up and down and says: oh no! we need to do something about this look. I planned a small hike to a hidden restaurant so maybe put on a little bit of makeup and dress just a little bit more up my love.
A bit confused about the somewhat odd request I didn't argue and just put on a nice top with sneakers and minimal makeup and let me hair down. On our way he spoke more than he usually would and things started to look lekker fishy.
We got to the the point where we stopped in front of a helipad. Shocked! and surprised! I kissed him all over because he promised me that he would help me tick off things from my bucket list and flying was one of those things. I was floating on the clouds thinking that this was the actual surprise. I didn't expect him to propose while we where flying over Cape Town. At first I couldn't hear a thing he was saying but as soon as I saw the ring I knew and I screamed yes!!! hhahahah The pilot was so surprised he said congratulations guys, he then proceeded to say: and as you look on your right you can see the stadium ... It was probably the best day including my wedding day of course, ooh and the day I met Paul Stander. My husband :)

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