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Noma-India Christabella Zenzile

Married on Dec 19, 2020 in Eastern Cape


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How did your love story begin?


We met at a friends birthday party and it was love at first sight. We ignored each other for a while till he came and asked if we had never met before? Doubtfully I said no even though every part of me said yes except I couldn't put my finger on it to how we could have met. The worse part is I felt like we have been together before romantically, but it didn't make sense that I wouldn't remember that. He continued chatting with me till I felt so comfortable with him I even forgot everyone else in the room and we just stared at each other the whole night till morning on the couch. Honestly though when he came in I was sitting on the couch so he didn't even know I was a person with a disability till I got up after a while later and instead of changing, discriminating or judging me he said 'may I be off any assistance to you my Queen and I just laughed and said thank you I will manage then transferred to my wheelchair. Immediately I was about to move away from him he just hold my hand and said God is my witness that you are indeed my true Queen, love of my life, mother of my kids and I promise you with everything I have and I am that I will marry you so help me God. I was shocked, flattered, butterflies in my stomach for the first time ever, fell hopelessly in love with a stranger that I met a few seconds ago, but felt I knew him for a life time and it felt so right.

Tell us all about the proposal.


After 5 Days of dating I went to his place for a visit and within a few minutes that I arrived and we were chatting, I noticed he wasn't comfortable coz he couldn't even sit down except pacing up and down in the room. I asked if he was ok coz he started seating and he just turned around to face me, went down on his knees and proposed. I was still very shocked and responded with 'Dude we just started dating a few days ago are you crazy?' He responded by saying 'If by God guiding me to my soulmate, My Queen, mother of my kids, my wife, my oxygen, my ride or die and life itself that I don't see anything without you coz there is no me without you then its fine I can live with being crazy as long as I will spend the rest of my life with you even though I believe we have met and were together in another lifetime before this which I cant remember, but i promise this coming lifetime I intend not to miss a second of creating a life and memories with you.

Magical Moments


The words of wisdom, love, happiness, pride and joy from my mother-in-law to me and my husband, but especially to me brought tears since I was having a difficult day wishing my parents would still be alive to see me through and walk me down the aisle on my special day although with all the love I was receiving and a prayer I said in the morning made me enjoy my day plus knowing my parents are watching with pride and joy over us from heaven. Secondly was being dressed in my IsiXhosa makoti traditional attire by my sister-in-laws, much respect.

The Honeymoon


No we didn't.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

It was a tradional wedding and all the guests wore IsiXhosa traditional attires or blue and white smart casual attire. My hair was done by my sister Faith Zenzile, Make-Up by my sister-in-law Bonani Madikane and the makoti attire by a family aunt.

The Venue

My husband's home in Motherwell, NU1, Port Elizabeth and only family remained overnight.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Didn't have any just kept it simple with remaining natural and being myself.

Wedding Elements

Everything was arranged and done by my in-laws.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Groom and groomsmen wore blue smart casual with a mixture of traditional attire.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

All in beautiful IsiXhosa traditional attire done by different designers from Port Elizabeth.

Marriage Officer

My mother-in-law Kholeka Madikane

My Captured Moments

Photographers were my bestfriend Ms. Nolundi Ncinitwa (Matron Of Honor) and our son Mr. Siyamthanda Zenzile (Bestman to Groom) and they made it fun, crazy, beautiful and super precious to us since we didn't have a professional photographer.

The Wedding Planner

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, matron of honor and myself did the planning.

Wedding Transport

Everything was done at my husband's home in Motherwell, NU1, Port Elizabeth so transport was not needed since people were driving their own cars getting to the venue.

Food & Cake

The catering was done by my in-laws family catering company which did an excellent job preparing the traditional meals.

Our beautiful and delicious 3 tier Red Velvet, Blue and white Fondant Cake was done by Smilling Oven bakery in Gants Plaza, Strand, Cape Town. Thank you everyone

Wedding Stationery

Mother-in-law designed and printed including distribution of invitation cards.

The Reception and Entertainment

We didn't have dance lessons and my husband chose to DJ himself to cut costs since he is also a professional DJ being assisted by his brothers on our special day.