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Dante Botha

Married on Nov 28, 2020 in Mpumalanga


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Magical Moments


Walking down the isle I felt every single emotion from fear to joy to Agape and then I looked up and saw they way his emotions flooded through him as he looked at me with unconditional pure love, and I knew, God had orchestrated this marriage from before we even existed. And then ....

...We spent every single second dancing, smiling, laughing and taking photos. The most incredibly fun day of my life while being the most meaningful marrying the man God placed so intricately and perfectly in my life.

The Honeymoon


We had booked a cruise on the MSC Orchestra. But unfortunately due to covid we are yet to see those beautiful waves crash on the hull of a ship.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

The theme of our wedding was romantic elegance and purity. Everything was white (roses) and my beautiful bridesmaids wore soft sky blue dresses designed and made by my exceptionally talented mom.
I bought my dress from Bride&Co Parkview. It was the first one I tried on and I felt like a pure romatic perfect bride the moment I saw myself in the mirror. It softened my face and shoulders and gave me more of a feeling than a look of satisfaction.

My hair was done in an intricate upstyle by my talented hairstylist and guest at our wedding, Melissa van Schalwyk from Witbank who has been doing my hair since I was about 8 years old for ballet concerts all the way through to my matric dance.

My make up was done by MUD studios very own Carol who perfected the natural beauty of my features. She is brilliant and was so friendly and helpful on the day.

Shoes! What a story. After two sets of baby blue shoes were paid for and lost in delivery from China during the 3 week extreme lock down of SA and many months thereafter I eventually went on a "local" shoe hunt in Pretoria with my mom. After several hours of hunting down shoe shops in Sandton then in Centurion and finally Menlyn, my mom remembered a photo of a shoe showed to her by our previous neighbours who visited. She was browsing through a bridal magazine and happened to notice a detailed, delicate shoe called the Vogue shoe by Badgley Mishcka. But where to find the shoe now? Never assume the malls and large shopping centres hold the gems of the stores. A smaller centre on Lynwood road called Lynwood Bridge has a beautiful bridal shop called Bridal Wardrobe.

Lingerie... umm... I never really wore sexy or fancy underwear on the day just pretty pure white underwear from woolies did the trick. But my mom had a very beautiful surprise waiting for me two nights before the wedding. I hadn't had a bachelorette party since I had run out of time with my final year exams finishing the week before the wedding and just no time to do all the usual things. Some how my mom new that all I needed was a little fun. She had had lace nighties and a gown made by the lady who made my 5m long veil. Febe fashions is the name of her design shop and wow was what she made so perfect. She also made me two lace day dresses for the honeymoon (which I am yet to go on thanks to lockdown).

I forgot to wear my garter but that my mom had made for me out of lace - my mom is the most talented, strong, capable, empowering, humble and gracious woman that I know. Shefeatures a lot in our wedding and I owe it to her for how beautifully the whole night turned out.

My jewelry came from a local store in my home town called Elma's Jewellers. They sell the most beautiful quality jewelry at an unbelievably affordable price. (I bought my husband's wedding band here for 50% off). I didn't have an exact idea about what I wanted in jewelry all I knew is that it must be dainty. I'm Dainty Dante, I have been since I was little and I will remain so. I didn't go choose my own jewelry for lack of time so my mom went and select the top 3, sent me photos and I mostly asked her what she thought. Her suggestions were always perfect. A mom knows you better than yourself... most of the time ; ).

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe is the leading stockist of all Enzoani Collections in South Africa and caters for the modern bride who wants to be at the forefront of the latest designer trends.

The Venue

Whisperion Thorns in White River. Think beautiful large leopard trees, glass chapel, greenery, elegance and flawless beauty. This was the first place I visited and the place I chose on the spot (with hubbies permission of course). Marinda and Carmen were so helpful and made our wish their command as they promised from the get go. They struggled through lockdown with all their desperate brides and just when there was a lift in the lock down rules we were able to celebrate our beautiful day there with very few restrictions aside from a 11pm curfew. What a blessing from God how the timing worked out. 24 guests - immediate family and the bridal party stayed at the venue accommodation while the rest of my guests stayed nearby in one of the many many guesthouses near by. They were shuttled their on a Limetime shuttle that we had arranged for all the guests to avoid any illegal drinking and driving. Law abiding citizens

Whispering Thorns

Whispering Thorns

We offer our guests a unique setting in which they are able to feel completely at home.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I had one facial at Cosmetology (it was half price and I was trying to keep costs low). I looked after my skin the way I always had to from a very young girl with ecxema on the face, neck arms and feet. I went for my waxes at Hannah beauty in Witbank, Michelle has been doing my waxing since I was 13. And Melissa my hairstylist did one treatment botox on my hair. I have always been healthy and relatively fit having been finishing up my studies in dietetics and a swimmer since I was 4 years old so that wasn't anything I needed to change for the wedding.

Wedding Elements

White roses, crystal and candles. A theme of romance and purity. Our tables were set up in a T shape with one long table of all our guests and bride & groom and both sets of parents at the bridal table which was framed by a arch made by my uncle and his company Tubular Tracks and decorated by, funny enough, my dad who got left with the job on the day. He did a great job lacing the arch with white material and setting up the chandelier from scratch - he called his work minimalistic with a laugh hoping I'd like it. I loved it- my dad is amazing. When I sat down for the fist time I pointed out to my hubby "see babe, just what we wanted, we can see all our guests in one picture". The table linen was white the crockery crystal glass and porcelain, the cutlery rose gold and the runners made of green foliage.

The chapel was glass and didnt need much sprucing up due to the beautiful scenery surrounding it. We set up an arch decorated with white roses and a small pulpit for our pastor and friend.

My flowers were done by a long time friend of my mom's who runs a flower store, Daleen from Witbank. She and mom worked so hard designing, redesigning perfecting and pulling off what makes up such a large part of the event. Without flowers a venue feels sad and empty our chapel and reception felt full and happy.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

Black Tie in Pretoria set up the handsom fellas. They were absolutely dashing in their one tone darker suits while the groom stole the glances of all who walked by in his India inc perfectly tailored suit. Mom (I don't know where she found the time) made the pocket hanky and bow tie as well as the groom's waistcoat while Black Tie made sure to set us up with ties for all the boys. The groom's mom gifted all the men with tie clips and cufflinks.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids wore sky blue delicate dresses that flowed in the wind and kissed their skin. Mom and I selected the material at Middestad Fabrics called Armani silk, they only had 12m left which was a supposed 3m too little. But mom got to work and somehow like a fish and bread loaves miracle their was enough material for all my bridesmaids' dresses. On top of that mom made my bridesmaids and the two mothers floral kimonos and an Armani silk silver kimono for me which I use every night. Mom also mad covers for the dresses and kimonos to hang on and colour coded each one for each bridesmaid to match the lining of their individualised kimono. I told you my mom is amazing.

Marriage Officer

Our life group leader from our local Pretoria church 3Ci - Eugene Smith officiated our wedding after he completed a marriage course with us. And my childhood and adulthood pastor aunty Jen Andrew from my local church in Witbank- Shalom did the ironic blessing with the guests for us after we were Wed and lead our first communion together while blessing us with her wisdom.

My Captured Moments

We had the absolute best photographers and videographer, Werner and his wife Sanli and a young ball of energy Enya. These three became such an integral part of our day spending so many moments capturing everything we never even thought we needed. During lockdown my hubby found an add on Instagram for a lockdown special with 2 photographers and 1 videographer and boy after all the fuss trying to find quality that was affordable did this come just at the right time. I owe so much to these there people who worked wonders. The photos were the edited by Eugene photography and they made me so happy and were so beautiful it's because of them I thought to enter this competition

Wedding Transport

We hired two golf carts from the white river golf club to help transport bridesmaids and bride and father of the bride. It was awesome. Lifetime shuttles helped to deliver people to the wedding and get them home safely.

Food & Cake

Our food was exceptional, made by whispering thorns venue - they are known for their plated meals. Staters of Kuta scallion quiche followed by a perfectly done fillet with sweetpotat and dates as well as a cranberry sauce ANF to finish it of a perfectly portioned pecan nut pie.

Our cake was done by Nelspruit Royal treats. And boy did they uphold that royal status. A perfect pure white cake with layers of chocolate caramel, chunky moist carrot and turkish delight and rose. We still have cake in kur freeze rtaking up all the space

Wedding Stationery

Mommy designed everything and got it printed by an awesome fella Kreeson from Worm and Apple in Witbank.

The Reception and Entertainment

He reception was alive! We danced all night till all the ladies lost their shoes. Ryan and i opened the dancefloor to a song called You and Me by lifehouse. Our dance was choreographed by two very special friends - my childhood and high school ballet teacher Lorine Venter added the delicate lifts and ballet elegance while Michael Mare our life group cell friend and dance instructor taught us a bit of ballroom class that took us through the night.

The DJ - oh my word! Renier from AVS hire brought all his equipment set up perfectly and blew us away. I told him a few things about myself, how I loved movie soundtracks and golden oldies and he read me like a book. He received so many compliments from the guests that night despite how sore their feet were because they could stop tapping.

Wedding Services Used

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe

Bridal Wardrobe is the leading stockist of all Enzoani Collections in South Africa and caters for the modern bride who wants to be at the forefront of the latest designer trends.

Whispering Thorns

Whispering Thorns

We offer our guests a unique setting in which they are able to feel completely at home.