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Adisha Aheer Harry

Married on Nov 28, 2020 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


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Magical Moments


Wow...where can I start...for me being a Hindu bride, I had many sad, happy memorable moments :-) But the one that stood out for me the most was when my Husband applied the vermillion (sindhoor) to my forehead! I had watched many movies and dreamt of that day, even grew up watching my mum apply it everyday, and I couldnt wait till it was my turn... the moment it all happens is so unreal, the ambiance of the room, sent chills down my spine...loved every moment!

The Honeymoon


Yes we did for a few days to Wild Coast Sun, due to it being a lockdown wedding during covid, we sadly could not go abroad. Although it was a great stay!

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

With my wedding being a hindu traditional wedding, I had 5 different outfits, one for each day! This was so much fun, yet tiring, having to do hair, make up, match my jewelry and shoes for each day. I loved my make up artist, Mithal, he is simply the best at what he does! I had traditional clothes for each day. My outfits were viewed at my mum in laws place, as she sells indian wear. I also had the joy of applying henna by this awesome talented lady in PMB Humaira, she managed to do the exact pattern that I wanted.

The Venue

I got married in my hometown, Greytown :-) at our Community Centre. I had limited guests, family only due to covid rules.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

To be honest, I had no facials done, no going to gym, absolutely nothing done due to covid :-( I just managed doing my nails a few days before all the activities.

Wedding Elements

We had used Kopi Kat from PMB, he had supplied all decor for all my days. I wanted a fairytale wedding theme, with fairy lights, navy blue and rose gold colour theme as well.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

He had bought his suit locally from Sneha, in PMB

Beautiful Bridesmaids

We dont really have bridesmaids, but I had my beautiful sister in law by my side as well, everyone wore what they wished too, and they all did look amazing!

Marriage Officer

We had our family priest do the entire traditional wedding, and at the end he had registered us as well... so it was really fun, traditional wedding and legal all on one day!

My Captured Moments

I had thee best photographer / videographer, his name is Deon Pillay, he has captured the most beautiful and unexpected moments! Simply loved his character, and his sense of humour

The Wedding Planner

Nope... just my mum, dad and I :-) Had the hubby help out a bit, and I have no words to thank my small brother, his wife, my mums sisters and husbands! Everyone had come together to make my day perfect and memorable!

Wedding Transport

I had a rough growing up, where things were hard, and my parents having to work really hard to put food on our table, so I chose my parents everyday car as my wedding car :-) I owe it all to them to where I am today.

Food & Cake

We just had a normal lady who cooks in our community to prepare all our yummy tradtional foods.

Wedding Stationery

I had gotten my cards printed my candles and decor in PMB, it was a lovely different card done on perspex!

The Reception and Entertainment

Sadly due to covid, we were not able to have a reception :-(

We however enjoyed our activities before the wedding, I had a live band all the way...