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Cherise Cloete

Married on Jan 9, 2020 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


Our wedding day was so absolutely perfect. Everything any bride could ever dream to be.
One very special moment, was the "flash mob" that some of my guests secretly arranged for me and my new hubby.

I never expected just how emotional and magical a wedding day would be. Surrounded by all your loved ones and so many moments leading up to the start of something new.

The Honeymoon


My husband and I took a road trip around Namibia.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Hair: I had loose curls, half pinned up - Done by Salon at Guesthouse, Pretoria.
Makeup: My makeup was a very "Old Hollywood" look. Bold lip and smokey eyes - Done by Monique's beauty boutique, Pretoria.
Dress: I had a long sleeve Spanish/ bohemian styles dress. The dress was bought second hand, which then received some alterations. - Alterations done by Monique's beauty boutique, Pretoria.
Shoes: My shoes were blue suede heals, which I bought on sale at Rage.
Jewelry: I had very bold and dramatic multicolored statement earnings, and a simple pendant necklace. Both bought at Lovisa.

The Venue

Our venue was De la Mas, Pretoria.
Most of our guests were from Pretoria, so they did not stay the night.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

My husband and I were only engaged for 4 months, so I had very little time for "Extreme makeover, Bridal edition".
I didn't try to lose weight, but I did try to be a bit healthier, to feel good on the day of the wedding.
I did however really focus on skincare. This involved drinking lost of water and sticking to a skin care routine.

Wedding Elements

Our "theme" was black and gold. The decor was done mostly by my 2 mothers. They were super on tom of everything.
We made use of lots of lights and leaves, rather then flowers. It was so simple and elegant.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband was all in black, and it took my breath away. He wore his rock star sneakers which gave him an absolute bad boy look.
The groomsmen wore white long sleeve shirts and black pants, with sneakers.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids where all given the freedom to wear whatever they wanted, as long as it was black. I loved how each of their personalities came through with their look on the wedding day.

My Captured Moments

Our amazing photographer, was Anri Swan from Let's run away yesterday

Wedding Services Used