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Annamarie Lazenby (Lazenby)

Annamarie Lazenby

Married on Jul 27, 2019 in Western Cape

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How did your love story begin?


"I met his sister, Sharon at my Aunts wedding and after a great time she invited me back to Ladismith to visit. When she introduced me to Gerald he was emerging from a cars boot covered in dust and wiring as he was busy installing a sound system. Didn't think anything of it at first BUT then we got to know each other, lets just say here we are 11 years later and get to share our special day with friends and loved ones " - Annamarie

Tell us all about the proposal.


Well thinking that I would only get engaged way later in 2018 , In Feb we had a lets get in the car and just get away from the big city moment. I have always wanted to go to Porteville Waterfalls. This particular day we went hiking and he (very afraid of heights) just said lets go higher. Thinking - what got into you, who was I to argue that he wanted to go further. It was exceptionally hot and carrying camera gear up a mountain was no joke. Eventually we stopped to take a break sipping on some bubbly he took my hand and led me into the pond (the cool water was a absolute blessing) and there in-front of a most beautiful waterfall he popped the question :) -

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