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Zandria Nelson

Married on Jun 8, 2019 in Gauteng

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Magical Moments


The whole day was memorable, everything worked out perfectly and according to the schedule. The weather was just right for a winters day wedding. The most memorable moments was when my father saw me the first time, the look on his face was just absolutely beautiful and it made my heart swell, Secondly was walking down the isle, my veil kept on getting caught on my eye lashes and I just could not see where I was walking, I relied on my Father to guide me ( This is one of those funny but embarrassing moments that no one knows about. ) The best Highlight of the ceremony was when I saw my Husband crying as I came down the isle, he had this amazing smile on his face and that made me cry as well. After my Father gave me away, my husband gave me a tight hug and big kiss (of course everyone was protesting) but the moment was just so big and amazing. Another Highlight of the ceremony was when the pastor asked us when was the last time that I open the door for my husband, The both of us answered together that I do it everyday. The pastor was so shocked and it threw him a bit of on his speech.

At the reception the highlight moments where the joke the MC told, it shocked everyone but was super funny, the speech my sister ,who was also my Maid of Honor , told. (she brought out funny secrets that was long forgotten). The garter removal was one highlight that I think no one will forget. The most memorable moments was the speech my Husband made, our first dance was just amazing ( My husband was so stressed about this due to my dress) but it was perfect in the end and we enjoyed our self's so much. Another memorable moment is the Father daughter dance, I could not keep up with my dad, he was moving so fast and he looked so nervous, but none the less we laughed the whole time from all the foot mistakes and luckily no one noticed, or so I hope.

The best of the whole night was all the family and friends that was there to share this special and beautiful day with us.

The Honeymoon


Yes we did go on honeymoon, it was a complete suprise for me, as my Husband kept the whole trip secret until we arrived at the airport. We went to Thailand, Phuket where we stayed for 10 days at Karon beach and Patong town and then Koh Phi Phi Island where we stayed for 3 days. It was a wonderful experience to learn about the Thai culture and customs. We loved every moment, accept for the high humidity, but other than that it was amazing to try the different Thai dishes and snacks popular to them.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My dress was the reason for my winter wedding theme. I fell in love with a long sleave A line dress and decided that is what I want.

I ended up having a beautiful pure white A line lace dress with a long train. It was not the long sleave dress that I imagined or wanted. It was a sleaveless dress with an open back, but the dress fitted so perfectly and I fell inlove with it. We managed to get a women who made long sleaves to fit the dress.

I went with an up style with my hair as it complimented my open back dress and it also made it easy for the veil to stay in place. Make-up was more a natural bride look with slight smokey eyes and natural colours.

My accessories
Dark brown cow girl boots to keep my feet warm and it was suprisingly very comfortable.
Small pearl ear rings to compliment the hair style. My gold necklace with a heart shaped pendant that I got as a gift from my Husband on our first Christmas together.
My lingerie was a all lace white panty and stockings.

As my mom would say, I looked like a real ice queen in the end

Dress was bought at St Lorient boutique
Alterations made by Arike (Blue bell fasion)
Hair and make up by Irene (Dainty dust make up artistry)

The Venue

We got married at The Forest walk Venue in Midrand. The venue self does not have a geust house, but next to the venue is The Orchirds geust house where we spend the night and some of the geusts.

The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue

Located centrally between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the heart of Glen Austin, lies this unique venue surrounded by beautiful forest surroundings and big gardens for your gue...

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Well I did not wear any Make- up the last month before the wedding date. A home facial mask every 3rd day or once a week also the last month before the wedding. I did not follow a specific diet plan but only ate small portions, no sugar and very little starch. I also tried to get about 8 hours sleep everyday but failed

Wedding Elements

Part of our Rustic package from the venue included basic decor that was perfect for us. The tables was made up with white table cloths and hesian runners. Centre piece was a big glass bowl with a candle in and the out side was covered with green mos. Wooden under plates with the menue and party favour was on the table along with standard cutlery.
The reception roof was covered with fairy lights and white drapes. All other lighting was done by the DJ. We did not get any flowers as it was a complete waist of money however my bouque and bridesmaids flowers were made from paper by my self.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

My husband wore a royal blue colour full suite with a white long sleave button shirt. He had a light gold tie with brown shoes and matching belt. He did his own hair. His accessories was his watch and badge that said Groom.

The groomsmen all wore dark navy blue suites with a navy blue tie and white long sleeve button shirt. They had the choice of colour shoes and went with brown. All the men got a beautiful brown watch from my husband and had their badges on saying Groomsman and Best man.

The groom's suite was bought at Your Pal men's boutique brooklyn along with all his accessories.

Groomsmen suites was hired from Bride & Co brookly.



Bride&co is your one-stop wedding and evening wear retail store.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

All my bridesmaids wore beautiful long sleave dresses with a long skirt. The colour was navy blue. The top part of the dress was a beautiful soft lace that covered the shoulders and arms with a low v neck according to each own preferance on how low they wanted it. The skirt part was made from bon bon material that is both light and soft. Each chose their own hair style that they wanted and wore gold bow earings with a gold bracelet that they got from me. They also could decide on their own make up look that they like as long as it was not extreme dark shadowy eyes ect. The girls all decided on booties for shoes and each got their own different booties but navy blue in colour.

The inspiration for the dresses came from a picture found on pintrist

The dresses was made by Arike (Blue bell fasion)
Make-up done by Irene (Dainty dust make up artistry)

Marriage Officer

Pastor JJ Snyman from Pastor on call

My Captured Moments

Our photographer was Jamie Jonk from Jonk photography. We only had one photographer who did amazing work and who is also well experienced in creating and capturing the most beautiful moments.

We did not make use of a photo booth

The Wedding Planner

We only had a coordinator at the venue, Daniella, that made sure everything was ready according to schedule. I made a detailed wedding day schedule of when what is happening and what time. The schedule was send to the Pastor, MC, Venue and bridal party. Everyone knew where to be and I also had my Dad that helped to make sure things are on time.

The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue

Located centrally between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the heart of Glen Austin, lies this unique venue surrounded by beautiful forest surroundings and big gardens for your gue...

Wedding Transport

I had no wedding transport because the bridal suite is just a few steps away from the chapel and we all walked down. It was much easier and quick.

Food & Cake

We had a 3 course buffet spit braai that was prepared by the venue (The forest walk) self. They have their own catering company included in the package.

For the wedding cake, we had cake pops and macaroons. The cake was made by Lorraigne from La Moraigne cakes

Wedding Stationery

All Designs and printing was done by my husband, my dad and uncle who works for Action print

The Reception and Entertainment

The only dans lessons we had was 2 days before the wedding in my parents living room area to see if our song choice fitted with our way of dancing and to make sure that we can dance in our shoes. Although in between photo shots on the day we practiced to dance with my dress to see if it will work out.
Our sound and lighting was done by the venue's inhouse DJ.

Wedding Services Used

The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue

Located centrally between Johannesburg and Pretoria in the heart of Glen Austin, lies this unique venue surrounded by beautiful forest surroundings and big gardens for your gue...



Bride&co is your one-stop wedding and evening wear retail store.