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Jolene Sharman

Married on May 18, 2019 in Gauteng


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Magical Moments


What a stressful yet wonderful day it was.
My photographers ~PA Photography ~ arrived at 08:00 and started taking photos of my dress etc.
My hair and makeup stylist ~Adele De Bruyn~ arrived shortly after and there was no time to waste we started getting ready almost immediately. She did my 2 brides maids' hair & and makeup first and mine last.
When I got to the church we realized that I've forgotten my veil. Let's just say there was no going back for it but my hair and makeup definitely made up for the missing veil so no one noticed.
After the ceremony we went to take photos and that was truly the best time me and my new husband had. The photographers improvised with the types of photos we wanted and they even went to fetch my veil for the photos. We had so much fun we even climbed into the river for photos.
When we arrived at the hall it was better than I remembered it (we stayed up till 12:00 the night before the wedding preparing the hall exactly how I wanted it). Our DJ played great music just as we requested ~DJ Mountain Beats~, our food we had was home made (which was delicious) and we had a spitbraai. We had a jumping castle for the kids (which I got on later with my dress for a few silly photos). The cake was amazing with a cupcake for each guest.
We had the most wonderful guests, Everyone we invited was there with us to enjoy our special day.

The Honeymoon


Mabalingwe Nature Reserve - Bela-Bela

What an unforgettable experience we had. We received the best service from the staff and we woke up each morning to the beautiful sound of all the animals.
We enjoyed the amazing game drives and in the evenings we enjoyed a delicious meal and sat outside enjoying the sounds of all the different types of birds.
What an incredible experience!

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My Special Day

My hair and makeup stylist ~Adele De Bruyn~ made me look like a real princess. My hair was curled not made up and my makeup was natural yet beautiful.
My dress was a real princess type dress. No alterations was needed, it was as if the dress was specialy made for me.
My shoes was wedges, it was tall yet comfortable.
My necklace was given to me by my husband on our one year anniversary so it was perfectly suited. It was silver with a tanzanite stone with earrings which matched the necklace.
My bracelet was custom made with my name and new surname as well as our wedding date engraved on it. My brides maids had similar bracelets which had something else engraved om which suited the occasion.

The Venue

I was determined to plan my wedding myself and decorate the hall as I wanted. So we didn't have a "venue". We got married in a school hall -~Derdepoort Primary School~ which made it easier for me to do the decor and everything else myself. Our family and friends joined us the evening before the wedding to decorate the hall, each had their own task in what to do.
I am grateful for JNH Events and Decor for all the decor they brought (the owner Jonathan went and got the exact color and materials I wanted) and for putting up the drapings. Their workers did a fantastic job.
All and all with all the help I got from everyone we transformed the school hall to look exactly like a fairytale.