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Chiara Luisa Van de Spreng

Married on Apr 20, 2019 in Mpumalanga


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Magical Moments


Our day was filled with 7 years of being in love all culminating at our wedding day.
The love was tangible. We married under a majestic Autumn oak canopy with the wind in the leaves and surrounded by the blessings of nature and all the beautiful people in our lives.
I will never forget walking down the aisle and being so excited to see my future husband.
We had the most exotic photo shoot, so much fun, and then walked into a sparkler tunnel of light. The moment still gives me chills.

The Honeymoon


My husband is Dutch - Rene and I am Italian, so we did 7 days in Holland and 2 weeks in Italy.
We discovered each others cultures and countries.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My look and feel was modern vintage. My dress had the most beautiful antique lace with modern lines and scallops. Custom designed by Sew Couture. I wanted something timeless, and because I am short, something that added length.

My veil had sparkles on it and my jewellery was swaroski crystal. My lingerie was from Italy intimisini - a gift from my Mom and Aunty. My hair was done by Karima in Ermelo, she was amazing and my make up by Corne from Blushing bride studio. My shoes were from Pronovias.

Sew Couture

Sew Couture

Here at Sew Couture we believe it is our sole purpose in this world to bring your vision alive

The Venue

Smitsfield Venue in Lothair / Ermelo.
The venue was beautiful. Modern and unique and the service amazing. The setting for pictures is also extraordinary.
Helene and Mom Ane (Florence guest farm) made it so special for us.
Our guests (family and wedding party only) stayed over in vintage trams and we did a braai on Friday evening, got married on the Saturday and then had breakfast altogether on Sunday.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Wow, a major detox eating super clean, with one cheat meal a week.
I walked everyday to keep fit between 3 - 5 km.
I did a teeth polish before the wedding but not whitening.
I did a spray tan which includes exfoliation and my nails with Babor.

Wedding Elements

We used endless inspirations for wedding decor. Elza was amazing and followed my brief of moody floral with vintage notes. We also had some bronze geometric and deep teal with Burgundy, pinks, tans etc. The furniture was bespoke and belonged to Smitsfield. Think brand new leather chairs, geometric solid wooden tables etc all custom designed by Helene.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The groom wore a beautiful Italian light grey suit with a white shirt. and weef bowtie and braces set. He was so handsome.
The groomsmen wore white shirts with Burgundy braces light chino style fitted pans.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I loved the concept of Autumn vintage floral. So we went for a beautiful floral and tulle dress. With a light pinky nude bottom and floral top. We had them custom made by Roch Designs.

Marriage Officer

Marilyn Michaud was our Priest. She got us and understood us and made our ceremony personal and fun.
The ceremony was magical. We had a custom made Native American cup where we took our first sip together in the marriage. She spoke about the significance of the Oak trees, us as a couple and all the blessed beings in our lives.

My Captured Moments

We used Dylan from Tyme Photography.
He was just incredible and made our day so much fun.
We barely noticed he was there but yet he caught the magical moments amazingly.

The Wedding Planner

I planned the wedding with my husband and my Maid of Honour and Elza from endless inspirations.

Food & Cake

My wedding cake was from Gosh Cakes. It was a vintage marble concept with gold leaf edging.
We chose to do a speculoos carrot cake for the Rene's Dutch heritage and a Limoncello and lemon curd sponge for the Italian heritage. Both were so delicious.
We also had a macaron cake and a cheese cake for canapés. We chose to do a BIG CANAPE for a starter instead of plated starters.
The main was family style with salads and veg and starch on the table and plated fillet and chicken pie.
Dessert was a waffle bar.
Everything was absolutely delicious, a rarity at a wedding.

Wedding Stationery

Rude design.
Our invites were geo floral style. With oak leaves and acorns to encapsulate the Oak forest feel.

The Reception and Entertainment

Our DJ was Small Paul. He timed everything perfectly.
We went for lessons to Dance Zone. our dance was perfect symphony with Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli.

Wedding Services Used

Sew Couture

Sew Couture

Here at Sew Couture we believe it is our sole purpose in this world to bring your vision alive