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Mavis Prudence Soko

Married on Mar 16, 2019 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


Me and my fiance we meet in 1998 we both were at school we loved each other the first time we were together at my friends place the was a party and people came with their girlfriends and i was alone he came to me and asked me if it's OK to seat next to me and i said its OK then we started talking and seeing each other more often till now we still together it's been 20yrs

Tell us all about the proposal.


I was pregnant with my late son and he was so scared that my father will chase me away because of him so he decided to tell his parents and they send a letter to my father to ask him to come over to pay lobola after that i had a stillborn baby so that breaks us out so we decided to wait up until i felt pregnant again then he send people to pay lobola before i gave birth on the day of lobola he proposed to me and i said yes

Magical Moments


I was so happy to see all my family and friends together and our perfect wedding came to broadcast our wedding on national TV

The Honeymoon


No, we didn't go because we couldn't afford to go
We wish to go

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

My wedding look was perfect for us because we did what we can afford
My hair was done by my cousin
My makeup was beautiful natural look and was done by Thuli
My wedding dress i bought it in Durban and it's was exactly what I was dreaming of
My shoes i bought them from a shop in Johannesburg i was looking for specific Shoe couse my husband his so short
My lingerie i bought them at Woolworth
My jewellery and accessories from sterns

The Venue

We got married at our home's we put a tent
Yes they did stay over they booked at the BnB Mbhali's guest house

My Bridal Beauty Regime

I couldn't do all of that because I didn't have enough money to get all

Wedding Elements

My decor was on point and perfect from flowers, furniture, tent, stage and lighting and others rented elements
Done by predomin Decor and Catering

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The Groom and groomsmen wear i got the from Durban were i got my dress everything there i can't remember the name of the shop

Beautiful Bridesmaids

I came with the design and the color so we went to my best friend mother she's a designer and she got us the material and she did everything even our traditional attire was done by her Mrs Kabini

Marriage Officer

His my church pastor
Mr W selaule

My Captured Moments

It was our perfect wedding cruw and Cilly B photographer I'm still waiting for my photobook i have to pay the money before i get it

The Wedding Planner

I did it by myself

Wedding Transport

My cousin provided me with transport
Her name is Portia kabuku

Food & Cake

Friends and family and my cake was done by everything's Cake (Nhlanhla)

Wedding Stationery

I didn't have any i was using just normal stationery

The Reception and Entertainment

We didn't take any Dance Rehearsals because I'm a dancer myself and for music i Hire a local DJ his name is Nkululeko