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Chanique Coetzee

Married on Mar 22, 2019 in Gauteng


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How did your love story begin?


We are High School sweethearts.
We had a secret love crush on each other since Grade 8. The timing just didn't feel right until he asked me to be his "BokkieTjoklits" in Matric at a friends house party.

I finally said yes after saying no for 4 years.

We have been together since.

Tell us all about the proposal.


We went on a long planned Cape Town family vacation with his parents and youngest brother.
All set and ready to go we thought until we realised Lourence forgot to pack his toothbrush and Jockeys.
This was the moment I thought to myself there is no way that this loving man is going to remember to buy a ring nevermind propose this vacation if he couldn't even remember to pack the essentials.
Driving down to Cape Town I made peace with the fact that the proposal would probably only happen the following year.

There was no indication over the next few day's to make me think otherwise.

Everyone around the dinner table planning the events for the next day like we did every other night. I suggested we go to "Vrede en Lust" for some wine tasting and everyone agreed.

At Vrede en Lust we had a great brunch and off to wine tasting we went.
Lourence agreed to walk around with me to take some photo's as this was our favorite Wine Farm since our last visit.
Getting ready to take a selfy of us the Manager walked past and offered to take it for us.
She takes the camera from me and when I turned around down on one knee Lourence went.
After hysteric crying and excitement, I said Yes!

Magical Moments


Walking down the aisle with my heart beating fast and my stomach full of butterflies with the most handsome smile from my husband to be was definitely the best moment and highlight of my day.

Memorable moments would be the look on my Father's face when he saw me for the first time that day, it made my heart melt and I could see in his eyes how proud he is to be my Father.
My Moms warm hug when she buttoned the last button on my wedding dress with soft deep breathes not to cry.
To hear the first 'Mom" to my Mother out of my husbands mouth.

The Honeymoon


We are leaving on Saturday 6 April 2019.

Going to Kruger Park Lodge for 5 days. This was our gift from My Godmother.
Then back home to catch our flight to Cape Town, where we will be staying on the Waterfront for 7 days. Need to go and visit the Wine Farm where we got Engaged, Vrede en Lust. Can not wait to make more wonderful memories together.

Wedding Gallery


My Special Day

Elegant with a touch of sexy dress that I designed myself and then had it made by a Lady that owns her own small business.

Shoes had to be an open toe with sparkle and a short heel.

Jewellery was plain with a sexy ear cuff.

Lingerie did not work out as planned, 2 sexy g-strings were bought and both of them were in the incorrect size. I had to improvise and just wore one I already owned.

Makeup was soft but striking colours with a side do with curls.

The Venue

Shepstone Gardens is the perfect venue for a fairytale wedding. Green and full of life.

Shepstone Gardens and The Great Hall

Shepstone Gardens and The Great Hall

Shepstone Gardens is a haven of botanical serenity that will transport you into a different world; your dream come true.

My Bridal Beauty Regime

Health and fitness was difficult to fit in at the end but I made it work. Did dance fitness with a few gym sessions during the week. Cardio was my best friend.

Skin treatment helped my skin glow and made me feel beautiful. Highly recommended treatments would be Mela Skin Resurfacing from PH Formula.

Planned to go for a spa day but the time did not allow me to.

Wedding Elements

The dècor was simple but elegant with soft touch of flowers.

The candle holders My Husband and I did ourselves. With the help of my Mom going from restaurant to restaurant we collected wine bottles and cut them ourselves. I feel with every wedding a bride has to do something creative herself to make the day more memorable. This was definitely the case with me, I am so happy we made the effort to do it ourselves it made the day just that more special.

My Groom And His Groomsmen

The Groom Suit is from The Executive, Light Grey in Colour. Black waistcoat I had made with a burgundy and white tie. Had a tie clip custom made for the groom and the Fathers.

Groomsmen wore waistcoats that I had maid by a Lady in Centurion.
White long sleeve shirt with black suit pants from Woolworth's.
Burgundy tie and cuff links.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Burgundy Long Elegant night gown with nude high heel open toe.
I put the look together that worked best with formal theme of the wedding. I Wanted my bridesmaids to feel just as beautiful on the day.

Marriage Officer

Overseer Sean Maritz from the Old Apostolic Church.

Wedding Services Used

Shepstone Gardens and The Great Hall

Shepstone Gardens and The Great Hall

Shepstone Gardens is a haven of botanical serenity that will transport you into a different world; your dream come true.